Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Restaurants and Cigarette butt throwers

The Mr. and I went to diner the other night with prompting from me on the count that I didn't want to cook.
Earlier I had spotted this Chinese Restaurant that I wanted to try so we went there, This is not too far from our old favorite Gustav's Pub and Grill that has changed so much that sadly it is not our favorite anymore. Why do people mess with a good thing? If you've got it perfected why change it? I knew the owner years ago from the place I worked and these are not his ideas, They changed the interior so much that it feels claustrophobic to me, it used to be open and have the kind of Old Swiss Chalet openedness and charm and now Just plain uncomfortable. The menu is not the same, and the favorite foods have changed, the Crab cakes, ummm, not very good anymore. No monthly specials, it's too get in and get out oriented now. The last time there was probably the last.

The new Chinese Restaurant is called Chens Open Kitchen, All the food is made before your eyes fresh, Crispy veggies with fresh green colors and a creative feast for the eyes as well. (Yummmmm) My only gripe is that there is no condiments on the table and you have to ask for them. And why is it you never get a knife at a chinese restaurant? Have you ever noticed that? It's not like you don't get things you could cut up, because I find myself needing one almost everytime. Somebody should clue them in.

Now On the way home I again witnessed a drive by cigarette butt flinger, Oh I can't tell you how this tends to piss me off,I just want to lay on the horn to let them know they pissed me off. I know, it could be totally a road rage ticket in the making $$$$. We live in this beautiful green place called the Willamette Valley and people still throw cigarette butts out the windows not caring what they burn up. I think I'll start taking down License plates and posting them when I witness this, I wonder if I could get in trouble for that? Who cares...I didn't do this when I smoked.
Have a Happy & Safe 4th of July Week everyone.

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Scott from Oregon said...

Get the license plate number, and then call it in to your local Sherriff. Tell them you saw the idiot flick the butt into the high grass, and you had to get out of your car and put out the still burning butt...

Make it sound like you saved a magor conflagration and your butt flinger will get at least a phone call from the Sherriff's department.