Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Work, Birthday, Rodeo's

I have been getting a few hints that it's time to update my blog, I have faithful readers and I have become part of their daily ritual. They gave me a few week hiatus but now are knocking and phoning for a new post all of them saying it's been since June 3rd, Come on! Lol, It's demanding but nice to read.

I have been doing some traveling with the Mr. for work, That's important, and didn't have access to a computer. So I finally got a laptop, a HP w/Vista. I asked around and everyone told me a different brand so I did a little homework and came up with one that was suitable to my needs, like Photos, graphic programs, music, office, and email. For the most part all of them fit the bill. So I went for a dual processor and high end graphics card. I still need to increase the memory but that's simple. Maybe with my rebates...

It's Rodeo time again in our area, they are literally almost everywhere over the next week through the 4th of July. I believe we are going to be hosting the cowboys or at least a few of them again this year. It should be fun!

Molalla Buckeroo and St. Paul Rodeo's are the ones that we usually attend with the Mr.'s brothers Carl and Clint of Adrian, Or. Steer Wrestling, Every once in a while he talks and sponsers someone into entering the "Cow Milking" contest.
Wild Cow Milking
One designated cow is cut from the herd and roped when it crosses the line.
Two riders dismount and mug the cow around the neck/head and attempt to hold her while the last rider attempts to extract a small amount of milk from the cows udder into a coke bottle.
The roper can turn loose of his rope and dismount and assist the muggers. When a few traces of milk are in the bottle, the person becomes a runner to run the milk on foot to the other end of the arena across the chalk line. The team member in the chalk circle first wins.

This is one of the more dangerous events as regular pasture cattle with slashing horns and sharp hooves are used (not docile dairy cattle). These cattle are typically ill tempered and hard to handle in any situation. Due to their maturity, these cattle are also the biggest cattle used in any of the events.
Fun and action packed to watch.

The Mr. usually offers up a prize to the fastest Steer wrestling time of the week to the boys that stay at our house over the rodeo week, In the past Sam Mackenzie and Clint Allegre both of the Columbia River Circuit have won handsome, handmade, one of a kind Cable Bowie knives and Cable axes. He's getting a following now and his brothers are feeling the challenge. I wonder what the prize is this year?

My 39th again birthday falls in this week also, to the left is a picture of my birthday candles every year.
Lucky Me, huh?
Someday it's gonna be a tall umbrella drink and white sands, a lounge chair and ocean view and sunny warm breezes. The Bahamas, Tahiti, St.Croix, anywhere in the Caribbean works.

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Hammer said...

lol Cow milking! I've not seen that one yet.

Happy birthday!

Jeannie said...

Happy Birthday coming up!

Good to see you back again. A rodeo sounds pretty exciting - we don't have such things here.

And that Chinese food looks delicious. We have sooo many chinese restaurants around here it's ridiculous. Most have gone the buffet route. I find that while you get to try a lot of different items, they are not so fresh, they don't put out the really good stuff and you don't get to take home leftovers. Ordering in is so much better for that reason.