Sunday, July 29, 2007

I finally seen it, Mt. Rainier

We have been driving to the Buckley, Wa area lately and I think it's been about 4 times now, Everytime we are about to go there it starts raining. The barn folk now joke that the shoer must be coming it's going to rain. Now this wouldn't be significant except, those who know this area, Know that Mt. Rainier is pretty a prominent attraction there and me and my camera went home disappointed many times.
However this time when we were there it was a glorious sunny day for one day atleast (1 out of 3)and I got some snaps of the Mountain.
Holy crap, It was huge! The first time you see it, It takes your breath away. I had expected it to be big but it was huge. 14,410' at the highest elevation, It is another mountain with volcanic possibilities in the Great Northwest known as part of "The Ring Of Fire" the Cascade Range. I have photgraphed Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens for you already.

(Click here to see the Cascade Range Map)
We stay in either Enumclaw or Buckley when we go and the view is great. Both towns are snuggled in at the foothills of the Mt.

We go there for the Mr.s work and the place is beautiful and completely puppy friendly, which is highly important to Emmy and I,

She even has two puppy friends Indy and Jane, and the mr. seems to like to coolness of the cloudy days there also.
Now if we could start a Hotel in those areas that you could get clean rooms, Non-smoking, comfortable beds, pet friendly, wi-fi (always on), and a good breakfast with some protein instead of all the carbs. We'd make some big bucks. We have stayed at 2 of the three major hotels there and you get some of these things but not all of these things in one place. There's a reason that one of them is no longer a Best Western. It shouldn't be this hard. All I think about is "Where's my Red Lion Inn" when I need them?
Now we have found Enumclaw to be accomodating with the little shops and antique stores and good places to eat. Let us not forget Tuttles Gun Shop on Cole street Where you can see the Mr.s Knives and swords on display, right next to one of my favorite little thrift stores called "Pennies from Heaven"
The Kitchen 1521 Cole Street Enumclaw, WA 98022
For great a hometown, soda shop and good burgers feel, They had good food and friendly enough service but they close early in the day. Right after lunch and tend to get a little pissy if you come to close to the time of closing. So get there earlier than 2pm.
We have eaten at the Rainier Bar & Grill 1623 Cole Street · Enumclaw, WA 98022, Each time our meal was good, friendly service, it's a busy place and you don't have to serve yourself like at the Mint accross the street.
I go to have someone wait on me, call me finicky but I like good customer service.
Next time we'll try the Oriental Gardens, I've read they have a good cook. I've read good things about The Kettle restaurant as well, maybe we'll do both.

I'm going to go check out the little town of Orting, Wa next time also. The community name believed to derive from Indian term for "prairie village." A little western town with the pop.4300 or so with shops...Could be fun.

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Jeannie said...

Wish we could get out and see a little something. Sigh.

Steve G said...

Great post and I love the super photos. Looks like a pPeaceful area.