Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Recently the Mr. and I started having Shiatsu massage and I added Acupuncture to it also at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. I know your thinking ouch, huh? Well, they said the Acupuncture doesn't hurt.
It hurt a little.
I didn't eat prior to the treatment and it has something to do with how much you feel. So eat before you go just a light meal and drink warm water. I'll still go back again and try for more results.

The Japanese Dr. diagnosed me with a spleen deficiency and some kidney stagnation another words my Qi is not flowing right. After reading my palms and my tongue he said for me not to eat warm foods and drink cold drinks its hard on the Spleen. Also, all my foods should be cooked, I'm to eat less beans, spinach and stay away from peanuts. Incorporate more lemon into my diet; drinks such as teas with lemon and lemon on foods. Eat chicken gizzards in soups or just cooked to help revive the spleen, Salads are too hard on my system and are causing constipation and creating my hypertension.

Who knew? You try to be good and follow a basically good diet and it's all wrong.

Now that's all I've been eating essentially to lose weight, and feeling more bloated than wonder the weight wasn't coming off. Hmmmm, nothing refrigerated without bringing to room temp for bloating feelings. He also said that is how so many get the H. Pylori bacteria (hot meals and cold drinks). Don't drink large amounts during your meals, it causes you to have not enough saliva to break down your foods.(Poor digestion) So sip only.
To help with higher than normal blood sugars he recommended Bitter Melon a Chinese herb. Sold in most Asian stores. Also to eat sour foods, Cherries, lemons and so on to acidify my system.

I really am too SWEET. LOL.

Now the Shiatsu Massage is fabulous, I've had 2 treatments and the 2nd one was the best, Maybe I was more relaxed or something or it was the style difference between the 2 people doing the massages. I sure hope this works. I did come home feeling better yesterday than I had felt for a while. Low back pain is the absolute worst, It effects so much of your daily life.
I am praying this is going to help, Anyone else with experience in the Shiatsu and Acupuncture area? I'd be interested in hearing about your experience. good or bad.

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Jeannie said...

Interesting! Sounds like we'd all have to have individual diagnoses so your stuff won't help me right?
But it does make me curious - I'm not usually into too many alternative things although acupuncture makes sense to me somehow - and I'm guessing specific diets would too. I probably wouldn't be allowed to eat anything. And I drink tons during meals - I don't produce much saliva at any time so I have a hard time swallowing without fluids. Wonder what they'd say about that.

Sweeti said...

I only posted the info that would help most people to lose weight. It was sort of generalized. Anytime someone is overweight the spleen gets taxed, but then theres the reason the person becomes overweight to deal with also. Mine being a lack of exercise due to the low back and back spasms, quiting smoking and menopause. Which they felt was not right either, He said I was too young.
So yes, a lot of this will apply to others also.
I know they told me if I do things like they said I will feel healthier and the weight will fall off, Hey you know I'm on it. I'm so sick of little or no results.

I did some research on it and they have for many years used it to completely block pain during surgeries on people that are allergic to being anestitized or can't be put out. So if I'm getting this I hope not to have to take anymore pain meds. They make me sick to my stomach.
I forgot to include walnuts, they help the spleen and kidneys too. Just a few a day is all it takes.

D.T. said...

You know everytime I eat, I always drink a lot of water. And then I ened up feeling real full. I always thought that was real good, cuz it made me eat less and still feel stuffed, but I guess that's not a good way, huh? Thanks for the tip!

Steve G said...

Interesting post. I've never tried acupuncture, but know folks that swear by it.

Marianne said...

Wild! I wish we had something like that around here. I think I will go look.