Saturday, August 04, 2007

Cigarette butt flingers BEWARE

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They say that Ex-smokers are the worse...I have to tell you they are probably right. But it makes me physically sick. I'm sitting here at home suffering from a sinus infection coupled with and ear infection I'm sure from sleeping in a Hotel room in Buckley, WA. next door to a drunken chain smoker for 2 nights in a nonsmoking hotel.

I literally had to stuff a dry cleaning bag under the 3/4" crack in our hotel room door to try to keep the smoke out.I couldn't open the window for fresh air because his window was right next to ours and open for fresh air too. I looked out in the bark dust under his window and I'll bet there was 4 packs of cigarette butts thrown out to burn to the filter, if the bark dust wasn't moist he would have started a fire.
I told the hotel staff about it and they said they talked to the guy and he said so charge me the 200.00 dollars. End of topic, no other recourse was mentioned. Basically I had to suffer because no other rooms were available.
Now the question who should I charge for the Doctor bill for having to be subjected to the smoke in their fine nonsmoking establishment?

I started my list of license plates of Cigarette butt flingers that I witness on my side bar, Even as a smoker I had something against discarding my cigarette butts that way.
I can remember putting the cigarette out and tearing off the paper and remainder of the tobacco grinding it into the ground and then putting the filter in my pocket to throw away in the garbage can. I would even pay my kids 1 penny per cigarette butt to go out in our apartment parking lot and collect them in a pail for the garbage.
Just one cigarette butt eaten by an animal or small child can be lethally toxic.

I have no problem with smokers who want to smoke away from me and put their butts in the proper place like their ashtray, But you can find the scenario in the above picture anywhere, on street corners, in front of hospitals, it's everywhere...It's littering people. Do it in your own yard.

You know I can remember living in Las Vegas around 1967-68 somewhere in that time frame and going along with my mom to the grocery store called Food City in North Las Vegas. Back then the in thing wasn't so much the filtered cigarette as it was the unfiltered. my mom smoked Chesterfield kings nonfiltered then, like everyone else would smoke right in the grocery store. While hanging onto the basket like little leaches my brother and I would count the cigarette burns on the floor by the checkout stands. There were literally thousands of them though out the store. You wouldn't do that at home on your own tile. Why would you do that there? I never to this day understood it.
Now let me say this:
I sincerely apologize to anyone I offended while I smoked, please forgive me.

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D.T. said...

I dont know, I think you should sue the hotel establishment or the guest for your hospital bills. I mean, in this day in age, it's not odd to take someone to court for personal infliction. Just look at Roy Pearson who sued his local dry cleaners over a $10.50 pants alteration for $54 million. Of course, he'll be fired early next week, but still, the point is, you can take anyone to court. I just cant guarentee a win.

Hammer said...

I really don't have anything against smokes but like you I am disgusted by the way dirty ashtrays are left about and the people who discard their butts as you mentioned.

Steve G said...

You got if off your chest, even if you couldn't get the smoke out of it. The hotel is resonsible for policing their property. A pity they didn't.

Jeannie said...

If the hotel was designated non-smoking, and the guy continued to smoke, they should have called the cops and had him removed. He is a guest on their property and required to live by their rules. You should have complained BIGTIME and had your bill significantly reduced or eliminated plus given a free stay in the future. If they are part of a chain, it is not too late to complain higher up.

And back then, everyone smoked. Everyone smoked everywhere. It was considered a right I think. No one thought anything of it. Allergies were not such a large problem. Or were unidentified. I remember as a kid hating smoke and vowing I wouldn't, but I did. Kids then didn't have rights.
Now, kids seem to have a few too many but the pendulum will swing back again.

Sweeti said...

David, You know if I was the suing kind I think I would have grounds to win, But I'm not.

Hammer, thanks for the input.

Steve, It is a pity Hotel owners don't take more pride in their establishments and police their properties. Sadly enough one of the girls at the desk said ever so nonchalantly he comes back every year and does the same thing.
Now if you know this, why take the risk of unhappy guests, or a law suit or worse him burning your hotel down because they don't provide him an ashtray, He flicks them out his window into the barkdust. Frankly, It's all about the all mighty buck, I just wish they'd reinvest it back into some thicker towels and better mattresses and an air purifier for those they allow to smoke so everyone else is not subjected to it also.

Jeannie, they are way to cheap to even think on those lines. That's just exactly what I would have done however there was not even a hint of remorse for their lack of actions.
Personally on the kids rights issue, I feel we are really unbalanced now. We need for the parents to have the right to correct their offspring. I did anyway, My kids had manners and integrity because they weren't allowed to over step their boundries, I took my job seriously, I was the parent.

Marianne said...

I would definately send communication to the hotel chain headquarters. The hotel is probably privately owned. So the hotel chain could be upset by this and pull their name.

You paid the same money for a hotel room and the smoker was allowed a comfortable and relaxing visit. And you paid to get sick.

You should contact the managment and ask them to credit back your card, or comp your next stay. (Tell them you will come back again if they comp your next stay....but don't tell them you are NEVER coming back again because then they won't comp you anything knowing they will never see you again.)

Pacific College Mom said...

I can really sympathize with you! My downstairs neighbors are all chain smokers, and I can never sit on my porch or open my front window because of all the smoke. They know I hate it, so they throw their butts in front of my driver's side door in the parking lot and I absolutely hate it. I asked the landlady about it and she literally laughed at me while puffing away on her own cancerstick. I was informed that there was no rule about that... I can't afford to move, so I deal with it. I agree with 2 cents.