Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Good Ol' Fashioned Radio

Imagine the two of us sitting around the kitchen table listening intently to a talk show, we look at each other and question or giggle from time to time over something that has been discussed. Sometimes we get caught up in the story and can't move beyond an earshot of the horn.

This day and time it's not the same old radio as it was in the day and time of our parents or grandparents.
Now we still sit around the kitchen table because my pc is in the dining room, but the radio is now a computer and listening is made possible via DSL cable not over the air waves. Oh how times have changed.

I have heard a Lotta hooha about the Sirius radio, you know the one, it has Howard Stern, talk shows, music, news, you name it. They got it. Of course we gravitate to some adult talk shows, Ahemmm, quite entertainingly funny. Thanks Carl. Hmmm, I wonder if this is what all these bluetooth users are listening to?

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Hammer said...

I like live feeds and internet radio, me and the kids spend more time doing that than in front of the TV.

AprilMaranda said...

Have you listened to Soul Town 53 yet? It's one of my favorite stations.

Jay said...

It's funny - times do change, but it seems like only superficially. I mean, things are also the same, we're still gathered around whatever instrument communicates news or entertainment to us.

Pirate said...

I have my grandmother's old radio in our house. It doesn't work but at one time it was the meeting place for a small community in the early 1920s.

My grandmoter told me she got it for her 14th birthday and it was already used. She told me that every night several people from around their hilltop they lived would gather in the living rookm or on the front porch and listen to the radio programs.

At the time her folks owned the tavern and cafe in Falls City.