Sunday, August 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Bo

Meet Bo, This is the Mr.s Son. He has chosen a career in food to be particular becoming a Chef. Only one of my favorite pastimes; Cooking. Not too long ago, we joined him in Portland at the place he works for dinner on his dime even. Great food, Great place to work, We had a great time and left completely satisfied.
Bo is like one of those buddies who's there when you need the help, If he could he'd help you out of a tight spot or dangerous situation. The Mr. has felt now and in the past if he needed to call on him he'd be there without a doubt. Just as a father and son relationship should be.
Now, I easily could go on about how the Mr. feels about him but we feel very proud of his strides in his career and life direction especially in the time of his life when nothing comes easy and where character is not made, it's revealed.
Happy Birthday Bo!

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