Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hmmm, Bluetooth

We tried out the Macaroni Grill, Its OK. Nice but nothing really to write home about. But while we were there I see this family being seated and couldn't help notice this bright blue beacon flashing off the side of this guys head. To me it was annoying. It flashed the entire time we were there and his family just sat there tolerating it, How can you sit there and talk and eat without saying, man that beacon on your head is bugging the crap out of me?
I have found this to be a new pet peeve, Its the Bluetooth generation. OMG, I think its the Dorkiest looking thing I've ever seen. I so badly want walk up to them and say "Beam me up Scotty." Guys if your not talking on the phone or driving they just look stupid. They are not a fashion accessory.

And Ladies I'm seeing you wear them in inappropriate places too, WTH? When you go to lunch with your husband or girlfriends or your out looking to meet guys and this goes for men too take the damn thing out of your ear and maybe turn the phone to vibrate or even better "OFF" and be courteous to your company.

My Mr. bought one for driving and that's acceptable to me and probably their intended purpose. But they are still just stupid looking. Sorry.

Live long and prosper

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Steve G said...

I have seen a few of those. I thought it was a high tech hearing aid. Thanks for educating me. You have to remember that we live sort of out in the country, in Germany. Don't have all of those big city benefits.

Hammer said...

I agree 100%. They look stupid and if I'm not mistaken, people who wear them always carry themselves with a self important air of technical supoeriority.

The original Macaroni grill was a family owned place about 15 miles from where I live. It USED to be fantastic, with a two hour wait for seating.

Once they were bought out and franchised, the food and service went down the tubes.

Jeannie said...

I've never seen this. But then I'm pretty oblivious. Although in this situation, you'd think even I would notice.
It is stupid.

Sweeti said...

Steve, your totally not missing anything let me tell you. Hey I tried to visit your blog and it says I need to be invited by you now, So invite me, OK?

Hammer, Thank you!...and yes they do. it's just Dork in the 3rd degree. The next place we'll try is the Claim Jumper have you been there?
Jeannie, Oh you know when you see them instantly what they are now.

Marianne said...

What is even funnier is when those bluetooth folks stand around talking and it looks like they are talking to themselves. Bipolar scitzophrenia looking big whigs.

Without them, we'd have to pay for entertainment.