Monday, August 06, 2007

I have Faith in prayer, Add little Faith to yours...

She is our friends daughter and I literally bawled when I received the news,
Her parents I know must be outta their mind terrified. She is the sweetest little
pumpkin I've known her since she was born and she needs your prayers now.
Initial diagnosis:
o The third vertebra within her Lumbar region (lower back) has collapsed
o A lesion (hole) is also apparent on the same vertebra
o There is a fleshy mass growing around the same vertebra

They expect results back from the biopsy late this next week, but here is what the doctors have told them so far in terms of what they could be facing:
o Vertebra compression and lesion caused by trauma; fleshy mass could be some type of scar tissue. Or,
o Infection/virus of some type attacking the vertebra and creating the fleshy mass. Or,
o Form of cancer that is destroying the bone structure; fleshy mass is a tumor. Or,
o Both the bone damage and mass is caused by Leukemia.

The only parental requests are as follows:
Please think of Faith.

If you are spiritual, say your prayers. The more the better

If you are not, then please simply think positive thoughts for her.

What ever it is that you do for good things to happen, do them with her in mind.

Today we have received the following reports from our Doctor.
Ø Blood test; appear normal, but does not rule out Leukemia – further tests are required
Ø Pathology; Inconclusive. No direct indication either way - further test required. We are working with a spinal surgeon on next steps, which at this point appear to be:
o Urine test; indicators of cancer can be identified within the urine
o Depending on the results of the urine test, we may need to have another biopsy, but this one would be full surgery into the “mass”
Either way we are expecting surgery(s), to address the mass and repair/replace the damaged vertebra.
This is all we know at this point.

Faith is doing well.
Obviously she continues to have pain in her lower back and upper legs, but her spirit is strong and smiles persist.

Please continue to include Faith and her Family in prayer...

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Marianne said...

Prayers from here.

Liliana said...

She will be in my prayers...

Jeannie said...

In prayer here too.

Diesel said...

I will certainly pray for Faith. What a trying experience.

Steve G said...

I wish the best for Faith and her family.

Pacific College Mom said...

Of course I will pray for your dear little friend! You are truly a wonderful person to be so concerned for others when you aren't doing so well yourself.

Keep smiling for both hers and your sake!