Thursday, August 09, 2007

Just one of those Months

Do you ever just get so many things in the air that you can't write about them till something comes down and lands, Well that's me these days.

1 wishing I could have done more with my yard this year. DR's orders no yard work.
2 the Mr. is thinking of building a house so he thinks the yard work and home improvement would be all for naught. (Click here for the potential candidate)
3 I hate looking at the weeds.
4 we've had lots of company so no time for home projects
5 the baby Sis's heart is broke, and going to move on to the next chapter in her life. Damn it anyway.
7 The daughter is one year older, soon she'll be as old as me. hehe

8 I miss the tranquility of the beach, No, I really miss it!
9 Shiatsu is going good. I wish I didn't have to drive after my appointments though. You just get a little goofy, Acupuncture again on next Tuesday.
10 #2 son is not coming this month, and maybe next month. I miss him and Joey his girl.
11 #1's wife got a new job she likes. I miss him and April too!
12 the Daughters hubby doesn't know if he still has a job after the buy out of the company he works for. The daughter landed a really good job and is doing good.
13 We've been traveling to rodeos, Brother Carl is about done with them it's haying time...time to pay the bills.
14 Still praying for little Faith and her family, I sure wish We could just do more, I feel helpless here.
15 Grandson is in a competition of talent on the Guitar hero video game to win a real electric guitar and amp. Coming up on the 25th.
16 Wishing We could have done some camping this year, It was pretty fun last year.
17 Fixed the hot tub YAY!
18 played plumber yesterday, a skill I learn and earned from an ex husband Saved about 150.00 bucks by snaking our 2 drain traps by myself and getting a monsterous hairball out of each one. Now I need to change the washers in the kitchen faucet. I was waiting for the new sink. Refer back to #2 for the reason.
19 weightloss at a friggen stand still. Grrrrrr.
20 It's a good thing I have interesting blog buddies, because I got nothing on them.

3 Left A Love Note :):

Marianne said...

Mollie discovered Guitar Hero about three weeks ago. She LOVES it! Good luck to your grandson!!

Woo Hoo on the plumming skills! I changed a broken flapper on the toilet tank about two years ago. Never felt more impowered in all my pathetic life! Someone told me I saved about $75 in plummers fees.

Sorry son #2 isn't coming home. I am sure you will see your baby soon.

Weightloss....gggrrrr. You hit a plateau. Don't give up.

Prayer wheel is still spinnin for Faith.


Jeannie said...

I haven't done any yard work this year either - it's a mess and really, something should be done.

The potential house looks very nice...I would give up yard work for that.

I'm glad the massage is working for you.

Glad you've had lots of company even if you haven't had all the ones you wanted.

My summer has sucked.

Sweeti said...

Marianne, just wait til you get to change your very first ballcock assembly, Its right up there too,LOL.
Tell Mollie to keep going with the guitar hero. And thanks for the luck.

Jeannie, I'm glad I'm not alone in the gardening dept., but I miss the beauty and satisfaction.
...and I'm sorry your summer sucked, Maybe you should plan a Fall vacation.