Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ok, everyone remember my last hotel fiasco right? Well, Hallelujah we finally found a place to stay when we come to the Enumclaw area! I'm almost afraid to share for fear of not having it available when we need them.

It's a nice little place out at the opposite end of town from where we have stayed before. Definitely worth the extra few miles let me tell you. Kings Valu Inn had a bad rep. on the Internet by the previous owners, I honestly was really hesitant on staying here. But the need was there due to business in the area.
I was prepared to get back in my SUV and go further if it didn't meet my expectations this time, No more sinus infections for me. I hate taking antibiotics with a passion.
OMG, I got here and they had just steam cleaned the carpets. So it was fresh and no weird odors like the other rooms, Second I look into the bathroom and fluffy towels, Next onto the pillows yep, they were fluffy too! Nice blankets not ragged like the others, and everything worked including the adjustment on the shower nozzle and a bonus good water pressure and no pulsing of the hot and cold. The only thing I wish it had is a microwave. I can live with that though. To the minute that's the only thing I miss besides a little sunshine, it's cool and looks like rain any minute.
My Grand boys would love it here, there's an outdoor pool, I just want to kick back in the sun and relax. Maybe I'll go find a tanning bed in the area.

I found a good little breakfast place just adjacent to the hotel or motel, I never know what to call them or the difference. Charlie's Cafe, Cute little cafe with the interior decor that lends itself to ones collection on Coca Cola memorabilia, with a patriotic flare and family pictures. Their motto is home cooking at it's best. It was good and I know we'll be eating there when we can.

We are planning 1 day for a trip up to the mountain while were here. Maybe it will be sunny and warm. I'll take pictures when we go so you can see them.

The grandson's tournament for Guitar hero is Saturday along with a fund raiser for one of the Aunts friends son. We are expected to attend both so no long weekend off. My poor Mr. he's literally gonna have no butt left, he's working it off.

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D.T. said...

WOW...that was atually a pretty good review. Made me wanna take a trip just to visit the hotel!

Liliana said...

Sweeti did I understand right? it's cold there? OMG I'm melting here with more than 100 F degrees, it sounds wonderful!!!

Jeannie said...

More good news! (a hotel has rooms coming off a central indoor hallway while motel rooms enter directly to the parking lot) If the microwave is imporant to you, maybe you could purchase a small one just for trips like this because I don't think I've ever seen a microwave in a hotel room.