Monday, August 13, 2007

Slice of Summer Continued~

Introducing the group the Power of 10, An enjoyable ensemble with mostly upbeat music and fun ad-libs. The hometown crowd turned out even though the weather looked like we might have gotten rained out. We didn't. It was cool out though, but extremely pleasant to sit and listen to music and people watch.

Our little town of Canby isn't so little anymore, I looked purposely for faces I'd recognize and I'll tell you there weren't many. It still amazes me, I've lived here over 20 yrs and the growth is phenomenal.
Well, it ended up being just the Mr. and I, The Baby Sister bagged on me early, The Daughter claimed to have a stomach ache. But when I called her to see if she was still going she was sleeping so there you go...It was their loss not mine. We had a great time.

Whispering sweet nothings in my Mr.s ear, I love him.

Now this is a sampling of the music and some entertainment to boot, This little Gramma has some moves and she has a secret also. Watch to see where she's learning the moves from. She's pretty comical and entertaining. Enjoy!

and here's a video to a couple free spirits dancing to a Tom Jones song, They were fun to watch also.

5 Left A Love Note :):

Jeannie said...

They do sound great - and Granny was great too!

Sweeti said...

Fun huh? Now go check out your local concerts. Ours raises funds for the local music programs in the schools. Last year it was new band iniforms for the high school.

Pirate said...

Thank you for the knd words. I can see why you and your pirate have such good love.

oregoncelticlady said...

Hey, hi!!! Thanks for coming by my site....geez, I have to post more often! Borrow anything you would like! I love your post about the little festival in Canby! My daughter competed for the first in the Polk County Fair Talent show...what a fun time at that little fair all weekend!

Scott from Oregon said...

Go granny go!

I love seeing people have fun like that!