Monday, August 27, 2007

To Leavenworth, Wa. and Snoqualmie Falls

The Mr. and I finished up the job a little earlier than we thought and planned a day trip being that we were in the area of Washington State anyway. We planned a day trip by the seat of our pants literally, we were sitting having breakfast in our new little breakfast place (Charlie's Cafe) in Enumclaw, WA. We met the owners Kevin and Nancy and they helped us plan our trek to the Leavenworth area by dragging out the maps.

We set out the next morning to the place that we hoped had more than it did, I wanted to see more music and possibly dancing and the Mr. wanted to see old mills or blacksmith shops you could tour, You know, the history stuff. Neither of us got what we thought might be there. What we did get was a Bavarian Village in the middle of some mountains, all dressed up to look as though there was some of the things we might hope for. But no, it was a glorified shopping area, with a lot of the same junk I could buy else where.

With exception to the Sausage house, We had some Big Bobs...(I know, the name is a little funny) but, that was what they called the Bratwurst sausages. They are the best thing in this little town. To be fair, They do have events that seem to be fun but none while we were there. We walked around and stopped in a custom knife shop to chat and see what the market there would hold for us, It could be possible to sell knives in that area I suppose. They didn't have our style in there so that was good. Hmmmm, Still thinking on this one. We stayed and walked around some more until the heat over came me and the Mr. only had to say "what do you think about getting back into the rig and enjoying the air conditioning?". I said say no more and we were outta there. So away we went hot and a little disappointed, thinking at that point lets just get back to the motel room and cool off and rest for our 4 hour drive home the next day.

Snoqualmie Falls is one of Washington state's most popular scenic attractions. More than 1.5 million visitors come to the Falls every year. At the Falls, you will find a two-acre park, hiking trail, observation deck, gift shop, and the famous 270 foot waterfall.

During our trip back we cooled off a bit and saw an opportunity to stop in the Snoqualmie falls area and both of us had never been there so we decided to go there. We were so glad we did, it's a town rich with history and things to see. First of all the Falls themselves were on the list of things to see for us. After all this is the place that made my favorite kind of Oatmeal famous. Snoqualmie Falls Lodge brand oatmeal to be specific. If you've never had it, you have to try it, Big flakes with a chewy nutty flavor and just plain delicious. The park that the falls were in was beautiful only no dogs allowed, A Bummer for Emmy who had to stay in the SUV, thankfully it was shady and a lot cooler there. We walked up a short trail to the view point and it took your breath away and gave you some serious vertigo looking down on the falls. I love being by water. I think from this point on all my vacations will involve being by water in some form or another. They were thunderous and as mighty as one would expect, I'm glad we diverted when we did, it was worth the few miles out of the way. We saw on the way into town a railroad type outdoor museum with old logging type train from that area,

By now the Mr. is excited, So we stop and check them out and take some pictures. By now the museums are closed so we drove around found the city park and stopped,

the park was scenic almost like a still life painting. The only sounds were frogs croaking all over and the crickets trying to chime in. Refreshing...

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Liliana said...

Oh!! beautiful pictures!!!

(nice camera, I imagine, right?


Sweeti said...

Nope nothing special just a point and shoot nikon with some photography classes and some fine tuning in the menu dept.

Liliana said...

Hahaha, I thought you were going to say, Yes it's a Leica!!!


Hammer said...

Fantastic photos. I like the one of the mountains and of the train engine the most.

Jeannie said...

You do have a gift with the pictures. I can't even remember to take a camera never mind know enough to set anything in the menu.

You've been busy here lately!

Liliana said...

I keep coming to see your temperature, yours says 87 mine 106....

when will it be a good time to visit?
labor day weekend maybe?