Sunday, August 12, 2007

Tonight its Rock n Roll in the park

In the years my kids were growing up for 5 or 6 Sundays during the summer we'd walk down 6 or so blocks to the center of our little town to a place called Wait park and do summer evening in the park with a guest band. The kids loved it you seen all kinds of things and met new people and seen lots of old friends. It was part of our social life back then.
Tonight I'm going back to town and revisiting the concert in the park, it's still free and the probably have more concessions now than they used. We actually would bring a picnic basket and a blanket, a nice bottle of wine and drinks for the kids and sandwiches and have a good ol' time.
I told the daughter I was going and she sounded excited, I told the baby Sis and she sounded like it would be drudgery so she probably will not come. Thats ok though, I'm going and having a good time! With or without them. The venue Top 40's Rock n Roll with the The Power of Ten or twelve.

Top 40's Rock-n-Roll

Power of 10 is the most musically powerful, visually explosive act to emerge from the Pacific Northwest in years. The key word here is Power. Power vocals, Power Rhythm Section, Power Horn Section, Power Sets, Power Performance! The Northwest's Most Ultimate Dance Party-Show Band! Power of 10 has played dance party events throughout the northwest for more than 15 years! 10 members though just weren't enough so the ante is up to 12. This 12 piece band of diverse talent captivates audiences throughout the night with body shaking, get down and boogie dance party hits! Three lead singers, the four piece P10 horns and a groove locked rhythm section challenge you to stay seated!! Over the years Power of 10 has performed countless gigs. Shows for The Bite of Portland, the Tigard Balloon Festival, Nike, Precision Cast Parts, Kaiser Permanente, Sun River Lodge and the Portland Winterhawks name just a few. Power of 10 has also headlined a two night dance bash at Chateau St. Michelle Winery for more than 3,500 guests per night. Hits played range across generations from the 40's through today. Get ready to gyrate to the likes of Aretha, James Brown, Tower of Power , Chicago , Abba, Gladys Knight, K.C. and the Sunshine Band. A night with Power of 10 will be chocked full of funk, disco, soul, rock and enough roll to yank even the most timid to the dance floor! We challenge you to have more fun than the band!

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Jeannie said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. I'm not sure but I think they have some events down at City hall here. I've just never checked it out.

Sweeti said...

I can't believe little miss musically and voice gifted has not done this yet. You need to get on it. It's to much fun to miss.