Friday, August 31, 2007

We have Faith and all is good.

Today was the day, Little Faith had her surgery, And Thank God and any other powers that be she is going to be just fine, given some time to heal. The parents, I'm sure are taking a little deeper breaths now and mentally exhaused. Feeling it was a small price to pay for their little girls well being.
An update from the source.

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A very long day for Faith.

We had her up at 4:30 am, to be at the hospital by 6 am.
She did wonderful in pre-op, had all the staff laughing at her silliness and talking their ears off about her animals.
Walked with her to the OR at 8 am – they closed up and moved her to the ICU about 6 pm; about 10 hours of surgery.
The Lead Surgeon informed me that the procedure went well.
They did determine that more of the L3 vertebra was involved with the tumor, so nearly the entire bone structure was removed and replaced with donor bone.
They took a rib as well to assist in the fusion process, and inserted screws and rods, which most likely will not require removal.
To adequately access the L3 region, they had to go through her front, so she has an incision from her belly button around the side to her back. In addition, to place the screws and plates in the rear of her spine, they went through a 3-4 inch incision in her back.
Throughout the process they took numerous x-rays to ensure appropriate alignment of donor bone and hardware. They also continually monitored and stimulated her nerves to the lower legs/toes to ensure no nerve/motor damage occurred.
In addition to the removal of a rib, vertebra, 2 disc, fusion and hardware, they indicated that in order to access all of the different areas, many major muscle groups were shifted back and forth during the procedure. Needless to say, we will have one sore little girl.
We have been in the recovery room (ICU) for a couple of hours now. They have had a bit of a challenge stabilizing her pain, but since she has finally calmed down and seems to have drifted off to sleep, I think they may have her adequately medicated. Between her behavior and my “hawking” around, we have their full attention.
We are still expecting 4-5 days in the hospital.

Prior to leaving we will have a Physical Therapy consultation to determine what program will be necessary, along with another orthopedic evaluation to ensure we have the appropriate brace for her.
The staff here at Doernbechers has been incredible all day – nothing but genuine concern for Faith.
The tumor is out - new structure is in.
She’s not happy, but breathing on her own and all vitals are normal.
We’re on our way to healing, and we have Faith; it’s all good.
Thanks for your prayers and support.

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Hammer said...

Wow what an ordeal for that little girl. I'm pleased to hear the surgery went well.

Hope the recovery goes well.

Liliana said...

Good for Faith!!


Jeannie said...

All is good indeed! While I'm sure little Faith will still need support, kids seem to bounce back so quickly!

Marianne said...

What an amazing little girl. Sweeti, please hug her mom for me. I can't imagine what she has gone through. What a strong woman.

Zora said...

I hope Faith will soon get well. All my best wishes for her.
I saw you visited the "M├╝nchen Haus" and had some "Bratw├╝rstchen". Thats funny to see the Bayern Flag in that region. "Putzmuffel" means someone who does not like to do housework, especially cleaning floors.