Sunday, September 16, 2007

Back at cha, Jeannie


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Jeannie my first blogging friend awarded me with yet another blogging banner award, The nice award. Hmmmm, for the most part I suppose I am nice, but mostly, I try to treat others as I would appreciate being treated.
Boring, I know but sometimes predictability will take you a long way.

I have too many blogging friends now to make the award to just a few, I read and get to know all my friends and live vicariously thru their writings sometimes, cry with them sometimes, and laugh with them sometimes.
But if I didn't think you were all nice people, I can tell you I wouldn't keep coming back. I bow to you all, and award you my blogging friends, the very same award.

4 Left A Love Note :):

Hammer said...

Congrats, it is well deserved!

D.T. said... totally deserve it! Guess nice guess DO finish last!

Liliana said...



LZ Blogger said...

Oh... that's sweet. How nice! Congrats! ~ jb///