Thursday, October 18, 2007

Salsa time

Last night we had company from the Castlerock, Washington area, family friends of mine prior to the Mr. but now good friends to him also. Rosie and Jerry are their names.
Jerry, an avid fisherman and hunter and food processor of smoked and canned foods, came down to give me lessons in only "The best darn Salsa Sauce" this side of the Mississippi.
It's so good that the Mr. hoards it when we get low, no kidding. We were down to the last jar and it was only a 1/4 full, we were having some eggs and toast for breakfast and he asks me "you really didn't want any of this salsa did you?" implying that he wanted it all for himself. I just snickered to myself, and said no.

Well, the salsa pro came down and walked through the recipe (Secret Tips) with me and now it has been passed to my hands to make and make merry with it. These are the best kind of recipes. The family kind.
We canned salsa until late hours of the night, I think we finished about midnight. 86 pints (33 pounds of tomatoes) of the stuff. and boy was I pooped when we got done. That's friggen hard work! But, I know all the secrets now.

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B said...

aww salsa... love salsa. could eat it every day. yum.

seeing all those jars reminded me of being a kid and helping my grandma make jam. we used to cook all day, big vats of berries and jar it all... i miss those days... and the pies and cookies... damn could that woman bake. ummmm.