Friday, October 26, 2007

Travel...Home~ Sweet ~Home

Well, we made it back home late last night. Back from our Washington trip.

While driving home I follow the Mr. in his Shoeing rig and we convoy both to and from, thus giving me the freedom to drive around the area while he's working and him having a vehicle to leave if he wants to go get something.
Well, on the way home last night I'm driving in my little Suzuki xl-7, (the car or SUV whatever it is) that I love, I almost met my maker. I'm not kidding, a big 18 wheeler almost took me out. I blared the horn along with several others but he just kept coming into my lane. I was in the fast lane at 70 MPH, trying to pass with a motor home in front of me and cars behind me, Literally no where to go but off the road. I rode the white line as best as I ,but, one slip or over reaction on my part and I know I would be no more. Prayer works! I'm living proof. My heart was pounding loudly, let me tell you.

I also have a big problem with those new blue headlamps in cars nowadays, I swear they are totally blinding to me, They hurt my eyes! My eyes water and physically feel pain from them. I never read anything about these from anyone else.
Am I the only one it bothers?
I think these could actually cause accidents. I see all the showy & sporty cars that the kids are driving are getting them, and they think they look cool, but, if they had someone in their review mirrors for about 30 minutes in pitch black highway driving with those lights they might, (if they had any concern for anyone other than themselves) reconsider their coolness.

I shopped at Fred Meyers in Sumner, WA. or maybe it's considered Bonnie Lake, I bought a cute blouse and a few other things like a birthday gift for my adopted mom. I diligently point out which items have the theft prevention tags on them and leave believing that she got them all. you guessed it, I'm sure, She left the one on my blouse, Grrrr, I hate that. Now, when I go to leave the theft detector buzzer goes off and she says "go ahead and go" I'm thinking its messed up and not working properly, WRONG, Luckily, we a have Fred Meyers with in 10 miles from home.
This happened once before to us and we were on vacation with no Fred Meyers in sight, a pair of pre-washed Levi's for the MR., We literally ripped a hole in them trying to get it off to wear them. We probably should have took them back and had them replace them, But we didn't.

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