Thursday, November 15, 2007

Dastardly job but someone has to do it.

Today was Grandparents day at the #2 grandsons school, A nice ploy by the school to sucker us in to the book fair hoping every grandparent has an endless expense account and an open pocketbook. Cha-ching an easy 40 bucks, books and supplies.
We did lunch in his cafeteria Turkey chunks in gravy with mashed potato, green salad, green beans, cranberry sauce, whole wheat roll and peaches. A lovely lunch...I don't miss that at all.

Trent calls me last night and says "Gramma?" Can you come to lunch tomorrow? I said let me check my calendar. OK, I can come, I said. Good. He said. and with that we hung up. ...5 minutes later he calls and says "Gramma?"I say yes? He says I just wanted to tell you not to forget your pocketbook because it's a book fair too. I said, I wondered how I was going unscathed by not getting called upon to do the book fair. He chuckles to himself in his Muttley type Snicker under his breath. See you tomorrow I say, Thanks Gramma he says.

Now that's the reason I do this every year.

We entered the raffle drawing this year again which is why he likes me to come early and bust him out of his class. See as soon as a grandparent arrives they are excused to go and join them. This year he told me to be there at 11am and come to find out his lunch was at 12:40.
I teased him about that and he just grins, I think he likes me to come and be with him at school.

Well, We didn't win this year but, we spent time in the library playing vocabulary games on the PC and I kicked his butt, then again he's a 4th grader also. We played memory match games and by the luck of whom ever got to go first was the winner on those games. The thing I loved the most was Trent seen a friend who's family didn't come for whatever reason and he invited him to share time with us. We had a good time and I left feeling pride in my Grandsons actions. Admirable :)

Saturday is the surprise party, 50's dress up with prizes for the best dressed, We are going and participating. Trent will come along too. Should be fun! I'll take pictures.

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D.T. said...

Awww...his reasons for inviting you was so sneaky, but unbeliveably sweet! You got yourself a real good Grandson, Sweeti!

Jeannie said...

Lucky you! I don't think I've ever heard of Grandparent's day. They don't have them here anyway but bookfairs - of course! I never minded spending money on books

Marianne said...

So manipulative at such a young age!! LOL! Cherish these days. They don't do this stuff in middle school.