Sunday, November 18, 2007

~~Elvis was in the house~~

This is the Mr.'s Aunt Jackie, now remarried to another, but still Aunt Jackie. We were summoned to a 50's party by A. Jackie's daughter, and one of my favorite cousins, Kristi. The invitation read; Shhhhhh, Don't breath a word, It's a surprise party. Dress as if you were in the 50's. I thought, this could be really fun.

So we arrive after an almost 2 hour trip southward from us, normally only 1-1/2 or so but the rain was coming down in buckets on Saturday in our area. Roads were slow and almost at times impassable. But we made it there safely. We took the youngest Grandson Trent with us, now when you look at him remember he's only 10. He's gonna be a tall one.

We were a little late and didn't get to shout (((surprise))) but oh well, we didn't miss the best part the singing telegram. He was coming precisely at 2pm. A. Jackie was relieved to know she was actually getting a birthday party instead of just going to lunch for pizza. She hates pizza, "Everyone does pizza, there's nothing special about pizza", she says.

Little did she know that the plan to bring Elvis the impersonator in to the house was still in the plan and I think was perfectly happy to see all her friends and family from all around coming to celebrate her birthday.
I started watching the door about 2 PM. for our surprise guest, and then all of a sudden he came in and boy, was she surprised. He glides in with this studded over the top Elvis outfit cut down to the top part of his stomach, a huge gold colored cross and big diamond rings. I had expected him to be taller, was my first thought.

All we could see of A. Jackie was her covering her mouth and I don't know whether it was she was laughing so hard or she was over the top embarrassed. He whisked her up to the for front of the crowd and proceeded to sing Viva Las Vegas in a rendition pretty unfamiliar to me, but after all he was just a singer doing singing telegrams. So YAY for Jackie, we got her pretty good.
I don't think she will soon forget this non-pizza birthday party.

So Elvis went on to sing 5-6 songs, Hound dog was one of them. He even got Jackie's husband up to dance and I don't think he's a dancer, But he certainly got up and did a little ditty in front of everyone for Jackie and she was dying laughing he was so funny. Elvis even had a spare set of glasses for him to sport while doing' the jig.

Afterwards he stayed and signed autographs and posed for pictures, He was a good sport. Although close up he looked like he could cross over and be able to do Wayne Newton also. Hmmm, I wonder if he does?

Below is cousin Kristi and her baby girl Grace all dressed up in their scotty and kitty skirts, I didn't even know there was such a thing. I'm wondering if they didn't rent outfits, there was a lot of them wearing the same type skirts. I think we should have brought an outfit for A. Jackie to wear too. Remember that if you plan a 50's surprise party, involve your guest of honor too if you can.

Me and the Mr., we had a blast dressing up, He in his black leather jacket and penny loafers with the best duck butt hairdoo on the block, and me in my pink felt poodle skirt and saddle shoes and even spirting a vintage can of aqua-net super hold hair spray. All I can say is... FUN.

Trent even got into the spirit of the party with a original hairdoo and a deck of card rolled up in in his sleeve and a permanent marker tattoo on his arm of a heart with the word MOM inside with an arrow thru it. he didn't look only 10.

This is for all the Farriers out there that are balding, My Mr. is showing off his good hair while he has it. For some reason this field of work tends to make men lose their hair faster, I think it must be the heavy metals the are constantly exposed to. He's still got it, and a head full of it too.

Now down to the original reason for the post. Happy 70th Birthday Aunt Jackie!...and she was worried it was going to make the little town newspaper with her age exposed, How about the internet.
I told her my secret, 39 again and again. You never have to try to remember your age, and it's the only thing that stays consistant with life changing so constantly.

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Jeannie said...

What a fun time! Haven't done a costume party ever except halloween. My guy wouldn't likely dress up.

Marianne said...

This looks like a lot of fun! You and the mister look great!

And Trent is a tall one....

Liliana said...

Looks like a lot of fun!!! you and the Mr. were wonderful so was your grandson!!!


STAG said...

Yeah, I am growing up through my hair as well. But then, at 50, its time.

Barbara Doduk said...

Looks like it was great, happy birthday to her. Ironic this, it must have been an Elvis weekend... my man was working with an Elvis tribute band this weekend.