Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Newport, Oregon, Cape Meares, and the Lighthouse

This for the benefit of those unfamilar with this landmark, this is the Neport Bay bridge, an architecturally beautiful bridge. Photographers far and wide shoot this bridge for it's never ending and always changing photo friendly sunsets and photographic structure.

This is in the Newport bay, Looking towards the Oregon Coast Aquarium, a huge attraction for those who like sea life and want to learn more about the Pacific ocean. As a matter of a fact, the very one that held Keiko the killer whale for some time.

Newport Bay Marina, A first hand look at some of the working boats here. The first thing you hear day or night is all the sea lions barking for food around the marina. We had dinner and they were still barking at 9pm in the evening.

My Mr. and my little Emmy at the Marina

The view looking north of Cape Meares,

the view looking south.

Cape Meares lighthouse, This is supposed to be a haunted lighthouse but upon a closer evaluation, I can see no Spooks in there.

These are the example of the 200' elevation at Cape Meares Lighthouse, I though it was really interesting to check out how you can see all the sedimetary layers in the cliff side. It makes you wonder just how long they could date these layers back to. If you'd like to learn more about this area go to this link (click Here)

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Pictures like these make me want to get a camera. And then move somewhere where there's something to take a picture of.