Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Veteran and the Road hunt and Mario Andretti

I went Elk hunting or rather road hunting for Elk, We were supposed to go to the Coastal area and hunt on private property but needless to say that didn't work out. We actually got the invite thru a cousin and it came down to the property owner only wanted 3 tags to be hunted on his property and the Mr. was the 4th tag.
So we decided to go it on our own, Which meant the Mr. and I and little Emmy, now were scouting out a place to hunt in the national forest area on the coast. I thought I would shoot pictures and be with the Mr. so he wasn't out there alone. He wanted to go pretty bad and we made the best of the 3 day long hunt in one day.

We checked out on line on the live search maps some of the logging roads in the Siuslaw National Forest, it's really a beautiful place. We had never been to this area before and totally didn't know what to expect. But hey, were making the best of a foiled hunting trip. Lemonade from lemons, yadda, yadda, you know.

We drove up logging roads and I'm thinking just around every corner there's going to be and elk or at least a deer, But nope, the elk had the sixth sense enough to know where they could hide and we didn't know where that was evidently. The trip was not without it's oooh's and awwww's though, the scenery was perfect. Sunny and with a slight coolness to the air.


We stumble across a hunting camp with some good ol' boys sitting around a camp fire. So we stop to have a little chat. It turns out that the hunter we visit with is from Albany, Or., Only some of my former stomping grounds. I didn't know of him but he knew of my Ex father in law. Small world.

Turns out he's a Disabled Veteran and was hunting on a special permit cow tag. As we got to talking I realized I liked this guy, he had some charm but also the knowledge of the area and made a friendly host.

We ended up following him and his buddies on their evening hunt learning the area for next year. So we can have an elk camp ourselves in the area. He proved to know his way around pretty good, We probably wouldn't have ventured that far on our own.

We took my Suzuki xl-7 and it did really well, we even got to kick in the 4 wheel drive. The Mr. was impressed that it did so well, ...and the nice part it still had a half of a tank of gas at the end of the trip.
I got to take my pictures for my cards to send to the troops (a little piece of home) and the Mr. got to do a little hunting, I was the only one shooting though. No elk this year, maybe next year.
See these hills?, Nothing but trees.
This was the stop to give the Mr. his Bearings on our location, Victor points ou a logging opperation that most never get to see, Soon it will be cleared and then re-planted. The smoke to the side of the picture is a slash burn on old limbs and root balls from such opperations.

So it's getting dusky in the forest on us and our road guide Victor Kuhns our new acquaintance, decides it's time to go back and with that we see the mild mannered Vet turn into Mario Andretti in a flash, Now Remember we are in unfamiliar territory and it's getting dark. I said to the Mr. "I wonder if he's trying to lose us?" I seriously didn't think the ol fellow had it in him. He's proving to be more of a character than I had initially thought. He had made a stop earlier to tell the Mr. about a certain area and offered us a root beer, then, back to the road.

...By now it really dark and were not letting his tail lights out our sights which at times it was hard to keep up with him, sheesh, how much root beer did he have? LOL.
Well, he didn't shake us and we made it out alive. Maybe we'll meet up with him again. He could have some pretty interesting tales to tell I bet, he was just the type that you could have been entertained for days by. I tried to look him up but he must be unlisted, so maybe he'll visit my blog (I gave him my card) and send me a phone number via email or call or something.

This past weekend was Veterans Day weekend, Also my #2 sons birthday, Happy Birthday Carl!

To all the Veterans out there Thank you for your dedication to our country, Your efforts make me so proud to be an American and thankful to you for being able to live in a country with the freedom that you fought for.
This was for the troops from Victor.
Our new found friend was wearing a cap with these words on it "Veterans made America" He's absolutely right, So Thank you to you and our active troops for all that you do.

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