Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

Well, The Christmas Ham is in the oven and it's nicely smoked aroma is everywhere and wonderfully traditional in our family, I didn't get all the baking done that I wanted to, just to busy with other things. I think we'll survive though.
I did make the pumpkin cream cheese logs and the pumpkin pies for the Grandboys. The oldest called last night just to chat, I could tell in his voice that he just wanted to anticipate with me on the phone. He asked questions about all his favorite foods (Bacon wrapped chicken livers and water chestnuts)and his pie, and tried to sneak in little ones how many presents did he have here. It sometimes just doesn't matter what the gift is just having a bunch to unwrap is fun. So I wrap everything.
In chatting with him it made me remember the #2 son at a young age being all excited about Christmas and how he was just gonna die if it didn't hurry up and get here and how they all just liked to kinda bring up the conversation topic just to be in the magic of Christmas morning. We could talk for a half hour or more before bed about how santa really knows just what you wanted or needed. It was about recreating the magic that I knew as a child, a gift to pass on. These really were some of the best times. Sweet Memories.
I hope someone recreates a special Christmas tradition for all of you out there, and for my family you know your in my heart and I miss you so much. Merry Christmas.XOXO

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hello Everyone

Well, the Sweeti has come up for some air...
Lots of things have been happening, the Number 1 thing that has had me on pins and needles is the youngest Grandson Trent has been diagnosed with viral mono. We have been so worried. He has been in and out of the hosp. for IV fluids due to dehydration and vomiting. It's so scary when kids get sick.
I miss him terribly, I haven't seen him since Thanksgiving and now probably won't get to see him til next year. We talk on the phone though, You know updating the christmas list from time to time.
He should start feeling better soon, although in my book that's not soon enough.

I've been shopping but I'm still not done and it's almost Christmas eve. Which is when the family has a nice dinner and does the gift exchange. We draw names for the adults now, Not as fun as buying for everyone but its affordable. We definately know that we love eachother so a gift of sharing the time and having the dinner together means a great deal. The gift is love and caring. Neither of the boys will be home this year. If this keeps up I'll be thinking of Christmas somewhere tropical for the future. Kidding...I hope they plan for a good gathering next year.

I've been baking like crazy, I send out Christmas cookies to the Mr's customers as an edible Christmas Card. The customers say they like it, I guess they could be just humoring me. If they are I wish they'd tell me so. Not that I would stop.
I jokingly asked for a baking intervention from a fellow blogger and he said; "Put down the spatula, step away from the oven, and nobody gets hurt..." Funny huh.

Well, I hope Your holiday is shaping up nicely, I've been reading your blogs but sometimes don't have time to comment. Just know time soon will be freed up a bit and I'll be back to my blog again. Merry Christmas if I don't get a chance to post again before then.