Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ready for some great news?

I finally got to see the #2 son and his girl Joey, I literally could have squeezed them to pieces. There is no such thing as air hugs in this family or air kisses for that matter...Gosh I missed them so much!
They brought me a gift to remember the day, an angel named bright star.

But I opened the card first and read it and said I love you guys too, Then something in the back of my subconscious made me read it again out of surprised disbelief.

Were awaiting a miracle

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They had been keeping it a secret since November, ...(((NOVEMBER))).
It's going to be such a a beautiful Baby.
OMG, I'm so happy for them. Have I ever told you that I love babies so much?

Monday, January 28, 2008

Winter is back and it's frigid...

It's so weird to get 4-5" and then 7 miles away only gets a skiff.
This is just enough to be beautiful and not enough to be a pain. Sure beats the hell out of freezing rain.
My little feral kitten disappeared in the midst of all this, I fear the worst for him. Dang, he was shaping up to be a nice cat. I still have his brother, He's a fraddy cat though and wants to be petted, but is to scared to come close. He's been that way since he was dumped here a couple of months ago.

...and some more puppy love to warm you up.

Raleigh out for his morning exercise and you know...
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It's only puppy love...

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

A story from #1's youth

I said go out and ride your tricycles after roping the front wooden gates. (We lived extremely close to a freeway on ramp and the daughter found great fun in trying to escape the front yard.) I'll be right out to hang clothes and sister you keep and eye on your brother til I get out there...Yeah, she did for a minute.

I finish hand filling the wash machine for the final rinse with a hose from the sink. Yeah, it seemed the hubby at the time thought it was the last priority to buy a washing or a useless drying machine mostly because he didn't have to use it I'm sure. That's neither here nor there and has nothing to do with the story really but it still ticks me off.
Anyway's, I get it filled and set it to spin and get through the spin cycle, and finally done
(checked the kids, the kids are fine) and pull the clothes out and get ready to go out onto the back porch just in time to see #1 taking a flying Evel Knievel off a concrete porch with his trike.

I drop the clothes basket, grab some just washed baby diapers out of the basket and bolt to get him, meanwhile he is screaming bloody murder at the top of his lungs because he sees blood. He had busted himself up a bit with a scrape to the knee and hand and elbow and a bump on the forehead that bled a lot for such a little scratch. Now the sister is crying too and thinking he's gonna die or something and petting him with a it's gonna be ok brother pat to the back. I clean him up and cover the wounds, and he was just fine. Actually ready to try it again.

I found that the #1 son did things like this all the time, I swore he'd not live to see five. He would jump on the bed and fly off and knock his noggin I swear on a daily basis. He could scale counters fast by using draw pulls as his ladder, even pry open the fridge that had to be bungee corded closed to keep little paws from raiding it in the middle of the night. He had no fear then.

I doesn't change when they get older either. Well, maybe the knocking his noggin part has. But Evel Knievel is still alive and well in his spirit. Out of love for his mother he sends me a "What I did this weekend" link to pictures. I'm eager to see them because well...He's my first born son and I miss him a lot, then I open them and see he's still having his fun but I don't see any bloody images so he must have made it through unscathed.
you know the saying, the difference between men and boys are the price of the toys. All true...Glad to see he's wearing a helmet though!
I know he's doing what he loves, and if he meets his demise doing it well, he will have gone out happy then. I still worry though, that also, will never change.

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Leavin Las Vegas

Well some good news to share. The #2 son and his girl are finally coming back home, Albeit not the best time to travel through the Cascade range. It can be totally treacherous this time of year. I'm praying for clear passes.
I can't wait to wrap my arms around them. Now, I just have to work on the other one still there :)

Can't wait till the 28th...

Waffle-ing Norwegian style

Once again I'm thinking of things people are remembered for. No not people that are famous, but people that are everyday people like you and I. What would you be remembered for after you've gone? Would it be the tea that you sipped with your daughter that morning, something just as simple as that? Or the things you do like animal rescue,foster parenting, how you catered to a certain loved one, or how mad you get when teased, or the nice way you take time for those who need you.

I found myself in my kitchen with a hankering for something I hadn't made for ages, Really since my kids had grown. I'm making Norwegian waffles AKA Norwegian pancakes. These were treats to my kids and their friends when they were growing up. They were to me as a kid too, only we didn't have the waffle iron to make waffles so we made them as pancakes.

We snacked on them whenever we could have them. They were sweet, chewy, and you always needed a glass of milk to wash them down.

But they were satisfying, had a flavor like no others and were hearty not just all fluff. good enough to be eaten plain. No kidding. I still can see my kids with their little mitts filled with waffles and sneaking back in for more swearing they only had one or two when all the while I knew they had three or four.

All of a sudden, I'm brought back to the present and I think of my mom during the making of this traditional favorite. Then my heart saddens some, I know She's reveling in the joy that I still make them, I felt it. But with that I felt the loss again...and thought 17 years today she's been gone. No wonder, I'll always remember her for the pancakes, the donuts, and the forever flowing cuppa coffee.

I stop and try to think of everything. I don't want to forget one little morsel...I remember lots, like how she hated bare flower beds in the winter and would put silk and plastic plants in to chase away the dead of winter, or how she had to have every stitch of the laundry done each day, how vain she was when her grays started showing before the money was there to buy more dye, how she loved to smoke and did so until she died, How she would pull covers over you as you slept, when you just felt overwelmed and needed a nap on her couch, truely the most theraputic time for me, But most of all for just being her. She'd be happy to know that and probably is. I miss her.
Norwegian Vafler(Waffles)
6 eggs
1/2 cup sugar
1 tsp. ground cardamom
1 1/2 cup flour
1 tsp. baking powder
Pinch of salt
1 cup sour cream
1/2 cup melted butter
3 Tbsp. butter for frying PreparationMix eggs, sugar, and cardamom together in a big bowl. Add in flour, baking powder, and salt. Mix these ingredients and beat in sour cream and butter until the batter is smooth. Let the batter sit for about 20 minutes before you being making the waffles. Heat up the iron and brush some of the butter of the surface, you are now ready to make waffles.

Emmy likes waffles too.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I love American Idol Night

Tonight both the Mr. and I hurried to get what we had to done to be able to watch the season 7 debut of AI. (I know, no life)
I am so happy finally someone from Oregon that's gotta a chance, and get this Marianne she's recently moved to Texas to pursue her music career.
I was surprised to find out afterwards that she has already cut a CD, Here's the link to her web page (Click Here).

I'd vote for her.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Except when it’s an act and tears of convenience shed Monday by a calculating Hillary Rodham Clinton was nothing more than just another staged politic

Title a quote from a web page I stumbled across.
I see it for what it is. We have a very good actress and manipulator on our hands people. We wouldn't see a man that politically pulled this stunt in the same light now would we? Hmmmmm...
It's just the beginning for her and her antics and I hardly can stand it now.

Don't people remember what was happening, and didn't they get enough then?
I have crossed my own line here but my God, someone had to.
Did I tell you I can't stand Politics? I like to vote, it's just the getting there I Hate.

I vote for new blood in the White House, Republican or Democrat or even Independant, I DON'T care...Just not Hillary Please. That's all I got to say.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Bean

Well, this was day 30 on the relacore pill, I don't feel like it has helped me lose weight persay, but, it has helped me energy wise and mood wise. I think that my tummy fat has gotten softer and if that means its changing and going away all the better.
I got the Bean for christmas and started to do a few of the exercises as tollerated for low back problems and low back strengthening. Hopefully I can do this. It felt really good to do the stretches and I did some crunches. They felt ok too.
All in all I expect to keep doing it and see what it gets me. It's really more stable the the ball, with the back problems I was having frankly the ball scared me to use it.
It's a start, and hopefully I can take it. It's not hard and kinda fun really.

I also ordered this little number,
I know, I won't look like this in it but, I think it will compliment my figure after I drop some inches in the right spots. It's old time cute.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Come into the light

First off, I'm soooooo thankful I don't live in California right now. The rain, the wind and so much of it.
Ok, storm after storm is finally getting to me. I have this tendency to become slightly depressed (SAD) and want to hibernate when the days become way shorter than the nights. 8.5 hours of daylight is my breaking point and when 8.5 hours of the day is rain and clouds it's worst. All I want to do is sleep. Even snow would be better at least it's bright.

I broke down and purchased a Happy lamp this year after threatening to do so for many years prior to this. It hasn't arrived yet but I look forward to it's arrival.

I know the phrase of the house for a while will be "Go into the light".

Christmas was wonderful, small in attendance, but, we got through. I de-Christmased the house 3 days ago and am now enjoying the extra room. It's amazing how much room Christmas decorations take up.

The Mr. gifted me a SLR camera for Christmas I still don't know how good of pictures I'm capable of taking yet because I'm waiting on a winder motor. It's a Canon, with a Macro lens, I'm excited about it. I was hoping for a digital SLR, but they are pretty expensive at an already costly time of year. But someday....

The daughter and the #2 son did their 2nd annual ugly Christmas sweater gifting, The daughter won the first year but, I think the #2 son won this year. I think they should get all the kids involved somehow. It was fun seeing her in his handcrafted sweater that was a few sizes to small and decorated with dollar store goodies and lit up like a Christmas tree and to top it off 2 lights were burned out. His sweater was yellow and gray and said "BANG" on the front of it. I think she should have glued rolls of caps for cap guns and put toy holsters hanging from the sides, A toy sheriff star would have been a nice touch too and then added some type of a Christmas present theme to it and for the piesta resistance a Woody the cowboy, cowboy hat.

The grandson seems to be on the mend, Hopefully he is able to go back to school on Monday. It's been an expensive winter for my daughters family, with two people working to make ends meet and then one is forced to stay home, Ouch, everyone feels it.
But, it's back to work and back to school for both mom and son Monday.
On this subject, I was talking to my daughter and she said the school counselor calls and says "I would like to talk about why Trent is not in school", like it was a choice not to be there. All the while my daughter has been in touch with the school about why Trent was not there in the first place. You know, staying home to prevent other little kidlets from getting viral Mono and getting as sick as he has been.
Sheese, Nobody communicates anymore in the schools. Scary...
Let's just hope they keep him from vigorous exercise for the next few months to prevent a rupturing of his spleen. It worries me to think of putting kids in the hands of others when they have been so sick.

The #2 son and his girl are hoping to move back to Oregon at the end of the month, I look forward to seeing them, I hope things work out ::fingers crossed::

Happy New year!