Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ready for some great news?

I finally got to see the #2 son and his girl Joey, I literally could have squeezed them to pieces. There is no such thing as air hugs in this family or air kisses for that matter...Gosh I missed them so much!
They brought me a gift to remember the day, an angel named bright star.

But I opened the card first and read it and said I love you guys too, Then something in the back of my subconscious made me read it again out of surprised disbelief.

Were awaiting a miracle

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They had been keeping it a secret since November, ...(((NOVEMBER))).
It's going to be such a a beautiful Baby.
OMG, I'm so happy for them. Have I ever told you that I love babies so much?

3 Left A Love Note :):

Marianne said...

AAAHHH!! Congratulations Sweetie. You are right, that is going to be one very beautiful baby. And the love those two have for eachother alone will make that baby beautiful.

Barbara Doduk said...

Congrats to them and you. Cheers!

Jeannie said...

I'm so pleased for you and them!