Saturday, January 05, 2008

Come into the light

First off, I'm soooooo thankful I don't live in California right now. The rain, the wind and so much of it.
Ok, storm after storm is finally getting to me. I have this tendency to become slightly depressed (SAD) and want to hibernate when the days become way shorter than the nights. 8.5 hours of daylight is my breaking point and when 8.5 hours of the day is rain and clouds it's worst. All I want to do is sleep. Even snow would be better at least it's bright.

I broke down and purchased a Happy lamp this year after threatening to do so for many years prior to this. It hasn't arrived yet but I look forward to it's arrival.

I know the phrase of the house for a while will be "Go into the light".

Christmas was wonderful, small in attendance, but, we got through. I de-Christmased the house 3 days ago and am now enjoying the extra room. It's amazing how much room Christmas decorations take up.

The Mr. gifted me a SLR camera for Christmas I still don't know how good of pictures I'm capable of taking yet because I'm waiting on a winder motor. It's a Canon, with a Macro lens, I'm excited about it. I was hoping for a digital SLR, but they are pretty expensive at an already costly time of year. But someday....

The daughter and the #2 son did their 2nd annual ugly Christmas sweater gifting, The daughter won the first year but, I think the #2 son won this year. I think they should get all the kids involved somehow. It was fun seeing her in his handcrafted sweater that was a few sizes to small and decorated with dollar store goodies and lit up like a Christmas tree and to top it off 2 lights were burned out. His sweater was yellow and gray and said "BANG" on the front of it. I think she should have glued rolls of caps for cap guns and put toy holsters hanging from the sides, A toy sheriff star would have been a nice touch too and then added some type of a Christmas present theme to it and for the piesta resistance a Woody the cowboy, cowboy hat.

The grandson seems to be on the mend, Hopefully he is able to go back to school on Monday. It's been an expensive winter for my daughters family, with two people working to make ends meet and then one is forced to stay home, Ouch, everyone feels it.
But, it's back to work and back to school for both mom and son Monday.
On this subject, I was talking to my daughter and she said the school counselor calls and says "I would like to talk about why Trent is not in school", like it was a choice not to be there. All the while my daughter has been in touch with the school about why Trent was not there in the first place. You know, staying home to prevent other little kidlets from getting viral Mono and getting as sick as he has been.
Sheese, Nobody communicates anymore in the schools. Scary...
Let's just hope they keep him from vigorous exercise for the next few months to prevent a rupturing of his spleen. It worries me to think of putting kids in the hands of others when they have been so sick.

The #2 son and his girl are hoping to move back to Oregon at the end of the month, I look forward to seeing them, I hope things work out ::fingers crossed::

Happy New year!

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Jeannie said...

Let me know how the light works.

The sweater idea looks like fun but I doubt my kids would to along with it. I know without a doubt that Gary wouldn't.

Hammer said...

I cought a stack of full spectrum lightbulbs for about 10 bucks each. when I went to find them my wife said she used em for the outside porch lamps... DOH!

They do seem to work well.

Those are some fugly sweaters :)