Thursday, January 24, 2008

A story from #1's youth

I said go out and ride your tricycles after roping the front wooden gates. (We lived extremely close to a freeway on ramp and the daughter found great fun in trying to escape the front yard.) I'll be right out to hang clothes and sister you keep and eye on your brother til I get out there...Yeah, she did for a minute.

I finish hand filling the wash machine for the final rinse with a hose from the sink. Yeah, it seemed the hubby at the time thought it was the last priority to buy a washing or a useless drying machine mostly because he didn't have to use it I'm sure. That's neither here nor there and has nothing to do with the story really but it still ticks me off.
Anyway's, I get it filled and set it to spin and get through the spin cycle, and finally done
(checked the kids, the kids are fine) and pull the clothes out and get ready to go out onto the back porch just in time to see #1 taking a flying Evel Knievel off a concrete porch with his trike.

I drop the clothes basket, grab some just washed baby diapers out of the basket and bolt to get him, meanwhile he is screaming bloody murder at the top of his lungs because he sees blood. He had busted himself up a bit with a scrape to the knee and hand and elbow and a bump on the forehead that bled a lot for such a little scratch. Now the sister is crying too and thinking he's gonna die or something and petting him with a it's gonna be ok brother pat to the back. I clean him up and cover the wounds, and he was just fine. Actually ready to try it again.

I found that the #1 son did things like this all the time, I swore he'd not live to see five. He would jump on the bed and fly off and knock his noggin I swear on a daily basis. He could scale counters fast by using draw pulls as his ladder, even pry open the fridge that had to be bungee corded closed to keep little paws from raiding it in the middle of the night. He had no fear then.

I doesn't change when they get older either. Well, maybe the knocking his noggin part has. But Evel Knievel is still alive and well in his spirit. Out of love for his mother he sends me a "What I did this weekend" link to pictures. I'm eager to see them because well...He's my first born son and I miss him a lot, then I open them and see he's still having his fun but I don't see any bloody images so he must have made it through unscathed.
you know the saying, the difference between men and boys are the price of the toys. All true...Glad to see he's wearing a helmet though!
I know he's doing what he loves, and if he meets his demise doing it well, he will have gone out happy then. I still worry though, that also, will never change.

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Jeannie said...

Must love the adrenalin rush huh? Some are like that - hope he's learned to not get too crazy.

Scott from Oregon said...

I survived those days without a broken bone. Hope he does too...

Hammer said...

I read in some science article that women are attracted to daredevils in some weird biological sense. I guess that's why we always jumped off the swings and ran our tricycles over a cliff..