Monday, February 25, 2008

...finally something works like it says

Don't be afraid to spend on this one, It work likes a charm. It's gonna save me some pedicure money for sure.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Some Beach, Somewhere

Funny title huh? No, it's not a Blake Shelton post.
I'm talking about Longbeach, WA, a 28 mile peninsula along the WA coastline. It pretty cool, you can even drive on it, have bon fires, and picnics when it's not raining.

The Mr and I went to the beach for a day and a half, not nearly long enough for me, but I can't complain to much at least I got to go. We headed up toward Portland and took hwy 26 over towards Astoria. I love that town so much. I could live there. It's old and very cool, with Victorian houses and plenty of historic charm.
We drove right thru it this time and went on up north over the Astoria- Megler bridge.

It's the 4.1 mile long bridge connecting Oregon to Washington on the coastline for those unfamiliar with this area. Which by the way was at one time back in the 60's, a toll bridge but it paid for it self in 2 years after it was built and the toll booth was removed. Totally unheard of today. It's a neat bridge though because of the crossing of the Columbia river pretty close to the ocean. A spectacular view from the passenger side of the car. Sunsets and huge ships are usually awesome from the bridge too. However, not this time for the sunset.

We drove until dark to a place called Ocean Shores, Wa., We got to see some of the storm damage from those 100+miles per hour wind storms over on the coast and holy crap! There were so many big trees just blown over and the root balls completely just turned up from the ground. They have some trees over there that are 1000 years old, Western red cedar trees, we seen them and fir trees snapped in half as if they were mear toothpicks. That only happens with saturating rains and severely, strong winds. I talked to locals in that area and they said they were without power well over a week. I believe it. It looked like a nuclear bomb went off and just laid down the forests in places. What a shame.

Anyway we ended up at the Shilo Inn there in Ocean Shores on the peninsula, Nice Hotel, Nice winter rates too. The beds were comfortable, the room was nice and clean, The bathroom had a TV and Telephone in it.

We ended up on the bottom floor because I brought my little side kick Emmy. That's were they put dog people. But it still was ok the room was nice...

and Emmy was in doggy nirvana, No kidding. She loves to travel and stay in hotels.

We had dinner in for Valentines, it was yummy and a little over priced but hey, it was Valentines day.

Oh, and it was by the light of the fake fire place, I just love how they do this now, No heat just a wheel turning to assimilate a fire burning with faux logs in front and a reflection behind. My question is why bother with the timer? It draws no more than a light bulb, there's no heat coming from it. a simple on and off switch would suffice.

We got up the next morning and headed back to Aberdeen, WA. We were trying to find the historic seaport for the tall ships that we had seen in Portland at the Rose Festival back in June of 07. The Mr. could just sail away with them I'm not kidding. He is totally enamored by sailing these tall sailing ships. He could have been a pirate in a past life.

These Jolly boats were used in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and Johnny Depp but actually sat in the Capt. Jack jolly boat. (My brush with fame)

We did find the historic seaport and he met with the guys that run the shop and found it to be a non profit organization so he joined and donated, they gave him in return some things too cool for words.

Some belaying pins turned from the actual mast of the Black Pearl ship on the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. They have a signed certificate of authenticity and let me just say he's thrilled, oh yeah.
Mark my words, one of these days he'll be on one of those ships sailing from one port to another. I see it coming.
So in all this time, I was waiting for sunset to get my sunset views in for the camera and it didn't happen. It clouded over and decided to rain. So we went home. That was our Valentines trip. Short and Sweet.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day Ya'll

Monday, February 11, 2008


We watched part of the Grammy's last night and thought "what are we telling our youth?"
Amy Winehouse? she's just freaky and I'm concerned for her health, I'm sorry. Foo Fighters, I found no attraction whatsoever and don't see how you hear melody or even music in all that screaming. They gave me a friggen headache. There were so many that deserved them more. I loved all the mixing of the old and new, and Tina Turner, rocked the house! When I grow up I want her body. She'll be 69 on her next Birthday in November. Unbelievable!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

We just gotta have Faith

Yesterday was a day that I found to have a mixture of emotional feelings, While we have one teen in the news getting only 70 months of incarceration for practically beating a transient to death after he actually went and bought him and his buddies beer, I gather from the report he was only saved because another transient woman yelled the cops are on the way.
What kind of household could this and the other 2 involved possibly have been reared from? How does a kid get to this point in his life and think that he could beat and stab someone to an inch of his life and then walk away with no remorse, guilt, and or even find it funny?

A Share the Love Fundraising project thru Molalla High School.
Meanwhile on another side of the hill is a young boy still under 18, throwing a party for a little girls birthday, her 5th to be exact, struggling to fight the fight of her little life with cancer. She and this young man both walked the walk of fund raising yesterday to help 2 families with illness and strife. Although our party was small, Many checks and donations were in the jar, ours included, honoring both little Faith and our new grand baby still unborn but, already doing good in spirit.

Faith in her sanctuary "Daddys Arms" and Mommy coming in behind.

Faith picking her favorite cake.

Faith waiting anxiously to try to blow out the candles, Eventually big sis stood in to help. I hope she made a good wish.
Faith was her usual shy little self, I think she liked the attention but withdrew many times to her Daddy's arms for the lift above the crowd and the safety she has come to trust more and more over this ordeal.
I watched and mentally recorded Faiths Mom stand back and watch her husband with their baby girl in his arms, make the rounds visiting with family, neighbors and their friends both new found and old ones. She spoke to me with an enormous amount of love and pride in the man she'd chosen to be her husband, "just look at him, he's so comfortable in the crowd" she said. Always circled with people that was drawn to him and the baby girl.

Really, she was in AWE at how he was handling the cards that life was dealing on a daily basis and turning things back into the favor of good for all involved.
I told her how inspiring they were to the community, and that I knew that I'd fight that hard also, but I didn't think I'd be as strong mentally given the same circumstances.

The Mr. said one evening when we were talking about this family amongst ourselves, Faiths Dad is a retired Marine. and My Mr. was referring to this..."I bet during his life as a Marine, he never thought that the hardest battle he'd ever fight would be the one in his very own home, the fight for his baby girls life." ...and I quoted him.
(Today Faith and her dad head to Boston, Ma. for another round of major surgery. 10+ hours of time will be spent on the opperating table, please keep her and her family in your prayers and pray for no more cancer cells to be found. Surgery is on 2/15.)

Later in the evening, we met up with the #2 son, Carl and his girl Joelle and her Mother. We went to our favorite little Chinese place, Chen's open kitchen. The food is always good there and the service is great. The purpose of the meeting for dinner other than just dinner together was to meet Joelles Mom. I really liked her. I found her to be just down to earth and friendly. We spent probably 3 hours chatting it up and enjoying their company.

I can't help but feel an enormous amount of pride every time I'm around any of the kids. My also a great source of pride for me. I have been given good people in my life and am thankful for everyone of them.

Then we came home at 10:30 to a Raccoon trying to kill my little and last feral kitten outside, I chased him off and the kitten seems to be alright for now. I don't know how I would have handled it if it would have came at me. I never really thought once about it. Scary huh.
We are buying some traps are doing some trapping, and I guarantee they won't be around here for long. Now, after seeing that vicious creature in action, I know what happened to the friendliest one, It makes me so sad. Damn coons anyway.

That's life in the day of his Sweeti.

Friday, February 08, 2008

A Debut of sorts

Here he or she is, again my feeling is he, 12 weeks 3 days, Laying in the fetal position on his side, with his back to us, probably sucking his thumb. The new bun in the oven. Already totally cute! I seen the ultrasound today via video, He's an active little guy.
I gave his mommy a chime ball for him to hear today, and when he's born and he gets a little fussy, maybe the chimes will soothe his little spirit.

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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Look at the time...

I was asked today, When do you get time to post on your blog?...My response, after midnight.

Today or rather yesterday was spent cleaning, Yet, it felt like nothing got finished. I vacuumed, did dishes, and changed out old toilet seats for new ones.

Now the Mr. is in a panic, you know the "Home Throne Advantage" has changed slightly. Snicker if you like but, a tiny thing like a hanging bowl freshener can change the whole mood of the bathroom for some.
We watched the Super Bowl, Sadly the Patriots ( the Mr.s team) didn't win Though It was a good game. But the Giants had an Oregon boy on their team and it was his rookie year and he was at the Super Bowl. So it wasn't all bad. All that and I'm really not a Football fan. I know more than most women even care to know about sports mostly because if I wanted to see or be with my ex it meant you did the every sport ESPN Saturday and Sunday all year long.
I've felt the neglect IE: the sports widow syndrome in my younger years and have steered clear of most sports in my later and have been much happier for it. The Mr. likes football, but will do other things rather than just sit in front of the tv all day, Thank goodness!
I talked with Joelle today and we discussed our babys approx. Birthday, August 19th, I can't help myself I'm so excited! I told her of my guestiment and it was the 13th through 20th of August, I was pretty close. She's feeling at this point that it's a girl, Maybe. My vibe is a boy, But it'll take me a little bit to watch her bloom to see for sure. I'm usually pretty good at this.
Really, I don't even care, boy or girl, I just pray for healthy & happy babies.
I should go to bed. Laundry, more cleaning, cooking and getting ready for overnight guests are on the agenda for today. My work is never done.