Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Look at the time...

I was asked today, When do you get time to post on your blog?...My response, after midnight.

Today or rather yesterday was spent cleaning, Yet, it felt like nothing got finished. I vacuumed, did dishes, and changed out old toilet seats for new ones.

Now the Mr. is in a panic, you know the "Home Throne Advantage" has changed slightly. Snicker if you like but, a tiny thing like a hanging bowl freshener can change the whole mood of the bathroom for some.
We watched the Super Bowl, Sadly the Patriots ( the Mr.s team) didn't win Though It was a good game. But the Giants had an Oregon boy on their team and it was his rookie year and he was at the Super Bowl. So it wasn't all bad. All that and I'm really not a Football fan. I know more than most women even care to know about sports mostly because if I wanted to see or be with my ex it meant you did the every sport ESPN Saturday and Sunday all year long.
I've felt the neglect IE: the sports widow syndrome in my younger years and have steered clear of most sports in my later and have been much happier for it. The Mr. likes football, but will do other things rather than just sit in front of the tv all day, Thank goodness!
I talked with Joelle today and we discussed our babys approx. Birthday, August 19th, I can't help myself I'm so excited! I told her of my guestiment and it was the 13th through 20th of August, I was pretty close. She's feeling at this point that it's a girl, Maybe. My vibe is a boy, But it'll take me a little bit to watch her bloom to see for sure. I'm usually pretty good at this.
Really, I don't even care, boy or girl, I just pray for healthy & happy babies.
I should go to bed. Laundry, more cleaning, cooking and getting ready for overnight guests are on the agenda for today. My work is never done.

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Jeannie said...

We need a new toilet seat so bad. I don't know who has the butt that makes plastic disintigrate but someone does.

I'd be excited about new babies too. I will have to wait a while.

None of my bunch cares about sports much.

Marianne said...

Nice. A toilet on the blog. I guess I was a bit taken aback.