Sunday, February 17, 2008

Some Beach, Somewhere

Funny title huh? No, it's not a Blake Shelton post.
I'm talking about Longbeach, WA, a 28 mile peninsula along the WA coastline. It pretty cool, you can even drive on it, have bon fires, and picnics when it's not raining.

The Mr and I went to the beach for a day and a half, not nearly long enough for me, but I can't complain to much at least I got to go. We headed up toward Portland and took hwy 26 over towards Astoria. I love that town so much. I could live there. It's old and very cool, with Victorian houses and plenty of historic charm.
We drove right thru it this time and went on up north over the Astoria- Megler bridge.

It's the 4.1 mile long bridge connecting Oregon to Washington on the coastline for those unfamiliar with this area. Which by the way was at one time back in the 60's, a toll bridge but it paid for it self in 2 years after it was built and the toll booth was removed. Totally unheard of today. It's a neat bridge though because of the crossing of the Columbia river pretty close to the ocean. A spectacular view from the passenger side of the car. Sunsets and huge ships are usually awesome from the bridge too. However, not this time for the sunset.

We drove until dark to a place called Ocean Shores, Wa., We got to see some of the storm damage from those 100+miles per hour wind storms over on the coast and holy crap! There were so many big trees just blown over and the root balls completely just turned up from the ground. They have some trees over there that are 1000 years old, Western red cedar trees, we seen them and fir trees snapped in half as if they were mear toothpicks. That only happens with saturating rains and severely, strong winds. I talked to locals in that area and they said they were without power well over a week. I believe it. It looked like a nuclear bomb went off and just laid down the forests in places. What a shame.

Anyway we ended up at the Shilo Inn there in Ocean Shores on the peninsula, Nice Hotel, Nice winter rates too. The beds were comfortable, the room was nice and clean, The bathroom had a TV and Telephone in it.

We ended up on the bottom floor because I brought my little side kick Emmy. That's were they put dog people. But it still was ok the room was nice...

and Emmy was in doggy nirvana, No kidding. She loves to travel and stay in hotels.

We had dinner in for Valentines, it was yummy and a little over priced but hey, it was Valentines day.

Oh, and it was by the light of the fake fire place, I just love how they do this now, No heat just a wheel turning to assimilate a fire burning with faux logs in front and a reflection behind. My question is why bother with the timer? It draws no more than a light bulb, there's no heat coming from it. a simple on and off switch would suffice.

We got up the next morning and headed back to Aberdeen, WA. We were trying to find the historic seaport for the tall ships that we had seen in Portland at the Rose Festival back in June of 07. The Mr. could just sail away with them I'm not kidding. He is totally enamored by sailing these tall sailing ships. He could have been a pirate in a past life.

These Jolly boats were used in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and Johnny Depp but actually sat in the Capt. Jack jolly boat. (My brush with fame)

We did find the historic seaport and he met with the guys that run the shop and found it to be a non profit organization so he joined and donated, they gave him in return some things too cool for words.

Some belaying pins turned from the actual mast of the Black Pearl ship on the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. They have a signed certificate of authenticity and let me just say he's thrilled, oh yeah.
Mark my words, one of these days he'll be on one of those ships sailing from one port to another. I see it coming.
So in all this time, I was waiting for sunset to get my sunset views in for the camera and it didn't happen. It clouded over and decided to rain. So we went home. That was our Valentines trip. Short and Sweet.

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Jeannie said...

Sounds like a lovely trip - and you are so lucky to live so close to the ocean - I don't understand how I've spent my entire life inland - I must have lived on the coast in a past life - even living on a lake didn't quite do it for me.

And those whatevers are a pretty cool keepsake to have.

Liliana said...

Let's see if i can make it this time.... to leave a comment...

Liliana said...

Finally i left a comment on Valentines day but didn;t make it... any wa, wonderdul pictures!


Elleda said...

Love the travelogue, Sweeti,and you guys saw lots more stuff than we did when we went up there. Meant to go to the maritime museum, but didn't make it. It's a MUST DO next time!

Liliana said...

Hey Sweeti as soon as they give me a break (the earthquakes), i'll post pictures; we just had another couple of good ones about two hours ago, one of 4.8 and the other one of 4.4!!!
PS: send a little prayer this way, please!!!!

La Cremiere (aka Helene) said...

this looks like a wonderful getaway trip. I bet you took long walks along the beautiful coast line. I never tire of that.