Sunday, February 10, 2008

We just gotta have Faith

Yesterday was a day that I found to have a mixture of emotional feelings, While we have one teen in the news getting only 70 months of incarceration for practically beating a transient to death after he actually went and bought him and his buddies beer, I gather from the report he was only saved because another transient woman yelled the cops are on the way.
What kind of household could this and the other 2 involved possibly have been reared from? How does a kid get to this point in his life and think that he could beat and stab someone to an inch of his life and then walk away with no remorse, guilt, and or even find it funny?

A Share the Love Fundraising project thru Molalla High School.
Meanwhile on another side of the hill is a young boy still under 18, throwing a party for a little girls birthday, her 5th to be exact, struggling to fight the fight of her little life with cancer. She and this young man both walked the walk of fund raising yesterday to help 2 families with illness and strife. Although our party was small, Many checks and donations were in the jar, ours included, honoring both little Faith and our new grand baby still unborn but, already doing good in spirit.

Faith in her sanctuary "Daddys Arms" and Mommy coming in behind.

Faith picking her favorite cake.

Faith waiting anxiously to try to blow out the candles, Eventually big sis stood in to help. I hope she made a good wish.
Faith was her usual shy little self, I think she liked the attention but withdrew many times to her Daddy's arms for the lift above the crowd and the safety she has come to trust more and more over this ordeal.
I watched and mentally recorded Faiths Mom stand back and watch her husband with their baby girl in his arms, make the rounds visiting with family, neighbors and their friends both new found and old ones. She spoke to me with an enormous amount of love and pride in the man she'd chosen to be her husband, "just look at him, he's so comfortable in the crowd" she said. Always circled with people that was drawn to him and the baby girl.

Really, she was in AWE at how he was handling the cards that life was dealing on a daily basis and turning things back into the favor of good for all involved.
I told her how inspiring they were to the community, and that I knew that I'd fight that hard also, but I didn't think I'd be as strong mentally given the same circumstances.

The Mr. said one evening when we were talking about this family amongst ourselves, Faiths Dad is a retired Marine. and My Mr. was referring to this..."I bet during his life as a Marine, he never thought that the hardest battle he'd ever fight would be the one in his very own home, the fight for his baby girls life." ...and I quoted him.
(Today Faith and her dad head to Boston, Ma. for another round of major surgery. 10+ hours of time will be spent on the opperating table, please keep her and her family in your prayers and pray for no more cancer cells to be found. Surgery is on 2/15.)

Later in the evening, we met up with the #2 son, Carl and his girl Joelle and her Mother. We went to our favorite little Chinese place, Chen's open kitchen. The food is always good there and the service is great. The purpose of the meeting for dinner other than just dinner together was to meet Joelles Mom. I really liked her. I found her to be just down to earth and friendly. We spent probably 3 hours chatting it up and enjoying their company.

I can't help but feel an enormous amount of pride every time I'm around any of the kids. My also a great source of pride for me. I have been given good people in my life and am thankful for everyone of them.

Then we came home at 10:30 to a Raccoon trying to kill my little and last feral kitten outside, I chased him off and the kitten seems to be alright for now. I don't know how I would have handled it if it would have came at me. I never really thought once about it. Scary huh.
We are buying some traps are doing some trapping, and I guarantee they won't be around here for long. Now, after seeing that vicious creature in action, I know what happened to the friendliest one, It makes me so sad. Damn coons anyway.

That's life in the day of his Sweeti.

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Jeannie said...

It's amazing how strong people can be when they are up against it - yet they will be the last to say they are strong. They are buoyed by those who support them. They do not fall apart simply because there are others depending on them and they will not let them down.

Scott from Oregon said...

I am wafting good thoughts and well wishes her way.

Sick children are the toughest in this tough life of ours...

La Cremiere said...

I'm sorry Sweeti, I obviously haven't been following very well... Is your little girl stricken with cancer? She looks beautiful. I hope she wins the battle and recovers well and soon. And is there going to be another baby in your family? For me, it's work in progress - every month I think it might be the one, but only to be disappointed, I really thought I would be cool about this and there was no rush, but after just 8 months, my patience went missing in action... :P