Wednesday, March 26, 2008

God wasn't too busy

Faith has been deemed "disease Free" by the Dr's and Pathologists, and her specialists. She still has more Chemo and some Radiation, But I can't help but have my moments when I think of how great this really is. She had a cancer that wasn't supposed to respond to chemo but it did, She had a rare form that had only been found and treated in older adults and most not successfully. She continues to improve and get stronger after her surgery. Whew!
God wasn't too busy...

Yesterday, I picked up my youngest Grandson from his after school club and took him home, he had a day trip to the mountain with his group. So after a treat to McDonalds, to spoil his appetite good before dinner, I drop him off and I'm headed home.

I'm admiring to beautiful cloud formations and enjoying the scenery. I noticed a traffic snarl in front of me. I Get stopped right behind the accident, just as the police are arriving and get to form my own opinion of what just happened without being labeled as a "looky lou" or rubber necker.
I see two dark red headed boys, obviously brothers they almost looked like twins. Casually dressed in jeans and short sleeve shirts with a faint plaid pattern, both farm boys, you can just tell, about 17 and 19 maybe older out taking note of how their car is wrecked.

They rear ended another vehicle, an SUV and the SUV won with barely a few dents. The silver car, driven by the boys was a total wreck literally.

Both boys standing out away from traffic, I see their mom pull up across the road in her older blue pick up, and get out, run to them, First taking account of if they were ok thoroughly looking them over, she sees one bleeding, but it only appeared to be a bloodied nose or busted lip. She asked them if they were ok, I can't hear them, but I see the boys both agreeing and trying to reassure her they were. She's crying and I felt her pain, If that had been either of my children I'd been the same way. She hugs them both at the same time.
Then with tears welled in my eyes I was motioned to drive forward and around the wreck.

God wasn't to busy then either Thank goodness...

Monday, March 17, 2008

Thorn in my side

I've got a side stitch. It's painful, I got it rising from a chair. How do I get rid of it? It hurts to breath deep. My only respite is lying on my right side, it seems to abate, but now I'm so sore from it that every move I make I feel the tenderness. How do I stop this, it's the 3rd time in 2 months. I'm done for the rest of the day when it happens.

Any good ideas?