Thursday, April 10, 2008

Seven miles to admire...

Well, after days of slaving away trying to help get us prepared to go to the "Knife Show" my fingers hurt from sanding and buffing and polishing, My eyes are strained from trying to get just the right shots of the finshed products with my new camera that has more bells and whistles than I'll probably ever figure out. Which reminds me my brain hurts from trying to get it straight with camera and understand it enough to get the pictures to the best of my ability. I am aware now that learning under pressure is what gives me brain aches. But I do it anyway.
Then theres my Mr., He thinks I can do anything, with the right amount of pressure...did I just say that? Really I was just thinkng out loud. If I become a professional photographer one of these days, odds are it will all be done purely by learning the ropes in the midnight hour. Good thing someone believes in me.

Today I got out and had some errands to do, only about one gazillion more things to do tommorow.
I sound a little crabby huh? I'm really not just want the show to be here already so I can rest. Anyway, I am on my way to town, Thinking I have a little of the gray day blues it's common here in Oregon with all the rain and cloudy days, for the most part you just live with it.

I do my errands, stop by the store buy some dinner and stop by and pick up more buffing wheels from my nail tech., She's so funny. My daughter would have a blast immitating her, it reminds me of the email that was going around not to long ago on how to talk chinese the fast version. She always says "you likey me Huh?" "I takey goud care of you","you tell me if some ting wong" She always makes me laugh sometimes out loud. I brought her a lucky bamboo plant today and she was all happy and said "awww look at dat you my favwit customer" "I take good care of you huh?" I left with a smile.

My drive home was totally different than my drive to town, I look around and find it hard not to find things that are beautiful, Like the baby lambs against the scenic green firs in the distant backdrop, Even the cows are looking great on the hills with their calves, Somehow the gray cloudy day helped me see the richness in color and life that I needed to see today and I'm back to my good ol self, but still tired.
Tomorrow, Laundry and packing, then it's Showtime!

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Jeannie said...

We've been having too many grey days here too. And it's always nice when someone manages to bring a smile to your face when you didn't think it was possible. Good luck at the show!

Marianne said...

The best part of this is that you knew exactly what you needed and who to surround yourself with to give this gloomy day a good kick in the pants.

So good on you Sweeti!!!

And I love the simplistic and serene nature of your picture.