Saturday, May 03, 2008


Well hey everyone,
Meet Tyler, he's our friendly bar tender at Rainer Pub and Grill in Enumclaw, WA. I love his smile! he greets you with a warm hello and a johnny on the spot attitude every time, Did I ever tell you I love good wait staff before? ...well I do, I appreciate the good ones.

It probably comes from having so many bad ones. That, and I have worked in the restaurant business myself quite a bit throughout my life and I expect courtesy at the very least and some eye contact to acknowledge my being there.

Tyler is young, free spirited, but smart, he knows how to treat people and have them leave happy customers. He has traveled in Europe and explored some of the best places over there, He works and saves his Dineros to travel. He's leaving again here pretty soon to go to Honduras to explore the ruins and do some diving for treasures. He reminds me of a modern day pirate, How fun does that sound?

I think he has like a month before he leaves again, On or about the first week in June. So if your in the Enumclaw, Washington area and need a good place to eat and want to have some fun go see Tyler. Oh, please leave a good tip, it's supporting his travels, Tell him I sent you.

Oh and have a Rainer beer and he'll challenge you to guess the puzzle on the cap, just a fun little game we play.
Ladies, Did I mention he's single? and kinda cute...with a great smile. Go see him.

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Jeannie said...

He is indeed cute! Unfortunately, I'm old and not single and won't be in Washington anyway. I haven't been to a bar in ages - sounds like fun.

Liliana said...

Oh! same here (as jeannie said)!except that i have been to a bar not long ago!!!! =)

Marianne said...

He is cute!!

Hammer said...

There is nothing better than a nice bartender.

D.T. said...

What a life! God...the stories he must have! Have you heard any good ones yet Sweeti?

So what happens after Honduras? Will he be able to come back to the bar?