Monday, June 30, 2008


Smells deliciously decadent almost like fresh lemon sorbet.

After my previous week I'm happy to announce Thursday is my Birthday and it's 39 again, Yay! The Mr.'s is exactly a week past mine.
I got a nice surprise from the #1 Son and DIL, April last night, A online gift for shopping in your jammies. I purchased 6 bars of my very favorite extra gentle soap in the nice big chunky bars that I like so much. I'm good for a long time. I purchased 1 extra bar to throw it over the 50.00 free shipping sale and got my shipping for free so it was like a bonus bar and I didn't have to pay to ship them at 8.8oz each.

Some of you know I'm still recouperating from my trip to the Emergency room in Enumclaw, Wa. last tuesday night. The strangest event I've ever experienced. Go from no symptoms of a bladder infection to blood in the urine in 3 hours and 10 minutes flat. That's how long it took to drive there from here and when I left I was going about that business just fine with no pain.
Boy, but, let me tell you I thought I was passing a kidney stone or glass shards it hurt so bad. I'm on cipro which makes me feel a little weird, achey and gives me a strange headache each time I take it, with only two days to go. I'll be glad to be done with it. I am feeling better, but still have to avoid sunlight...and wouldn't you know it, it's beautiful outside and warm :(

Enumclaw Regional Hospital
Enumclaw Regional Hospital took good care of me and sent me packing with Rx's in hand thank's again to the staff for getting me in so quick. I spent 2 days sleeping in the hotel and Emmy and Maddy slept right next to me like a second skin literally holding me down. My little snugglers, I gotta love em.

I did some other photo work while there and I'll post more soon.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Doggy update...

I was going to name the post Dog days of Summer, Lol, Only it just reminds me how we got jipped on our spring this year, Shoot there was frost and snow in some passes in out state til last week and now it's summer? Maybe we will get an Indian summer this year.

Well, as you can plainly see Raleigh dog is back in full form. he had his stitches out yesterday and and received a great bill of health from his Vet, and now will be a more focused hunting dog.
One of my favorite Brother in laws called when he read the blog and said "Now what did you go and do that for?" He said it half jokingly and with sincere concern, but it is a male dominate dog society in Eastern Oregon "The bird hunting capitol of our state", and being raised to believe you don't need to neuter doesn't help.
Maybe seeing how Raleigh comes along will change some of those opinions. I think he thought we ruined a perfectly good hunting dog. All the info I could find said (not so) He will show him this year that he's better than ever, Raleigh will be in good form. He'll live a longer life because of it for sure.

Now Lil' Ms. Emmy lou on the other hand got caught with shots due and beings that she was with us, ended up getting 3 at one time. Poor girl. She's feeling pretty punky today and mostly sleeping but not without waking and wanting to be consoled for a little while.


He's got his eye on the prize

The good news is the vet came out and complimented us on how well behaved and well cared for our pets are. She said they were perfect weight and their coats are beautiful. Always nice to hear that the things you do to make your pets life longer is helping even if you don't expect to be recognized for it. We are our pets shepherds they need our compassion and caring.

...and little Ms. Maddy Mae is adjusting just fine to the vacation spa at our home, although I think she misses her kids (meaning the 4 kids of her family) especially at around her 9ish bedtime. But seems to like the rations and all the hugs and pets she can get.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

With nails held between between his pursed lips and sweat rolling off his brow, He shoes horses one hoof at a time.

These plus a well fitting shoe made from iron and a well rounded and knowledgeable shoer can help build the horse of your dreams...or just simply it can be enough to make an lame horse sound again.
Horseshoers are a breed all their own, it takes a certain amount of bravery and brawn to crawl under a 1000+ pound animal that really doesn't want you messing with their feet...and no he's not the horse whisperer calming the horse, it's a Horseshoer, Farrier or whatever you would call them, with the ability to know what a horse is thinking most of the time by the reactions of the horse.

He places his hand on the horse and reassures him or her that he's helping and not hurting them.
It's hard to know if a horse is just scared, spoiled rotten, or if he's just a non-thinker and will blow up at any given minute and stomp the crap out of anything or anyone in it's path.

Then you take into consideration that animals are highly unpredictable, and that coupled with the goings on in a barn, like for instance something falling or a wind just blowing a paper across an isle way or a dog running through, it could be anything and you have a horse not paying attention to you as the shoer and that equals Danger.
Shoers take their life in their own hands everyday they work, They freeze all winter and sweat all summer. It is an honest days work. They come home tired and cranky with an aching back, mostly just wanting something to eat and a shower for sure and a bed for rest.

The incredible amount of knowledge that a Farrier needs to full fill his obligation to the horse, & be the best possible problem solver for the horse everytime that he can be is really phenomenal undertaking.

I'm always impressed watching him shoe a horse and seeing his ability put to the test time after time.
Corrective shoeing is even more amazing to observe.
Watch a horse walk in lame and go out looking somewhat normal and by the next day acting like himself again, it's knowledge, trial and error sometimes, but mostly hard work and skilled persistence that works these kinds of miracles.

It's an admirable profession and not to many make it in this field.
If you didn't know before now, My Mr. is a Farrier and I'm proud of his abilities,
That and him in chaps isn't bad either.

So when the week of July 6-12th rolls around and you see your Farrier or know of one give him a pat on the back for the hard work he does. They are humble, but, they appreciate being appreciated, I know this for sure.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

We've gone to the dogs...

He'd rather be hunting, and maybe in his doggie drug induced dreams he is, but for now he is on bedrest with limited walks and activity. And is sporting an elizabethan collar.

Sir Walter Raleigh has been disabled in the manhood dept. His boys are gone. The Mr. is feeling pure empathy for him even though he will not reproduce in numbers and he thinks that's a huge loss with a good hunting dog, he will gain years in his life for it.
We were on the Mr.'s business trip and a phone call from an unknown neighbor came to phone asking me to come and get my dog, Do you have any idea how helpless you feel being 4 hrs from home and not scheduled to be back for a couple more days?
Our daughter was picking him up on the way home from his pasture and then dropping him off on her way to work, allowing him his playtime in the pasture during the day... Yes, we have a babysitter for our dog. Until, for some strange odd reason he jumps the fence. It's not a short fence either. Come to find out it was the neighbors female dog in heat that lured him from his pasture area.
So, poor guy has to get snipped and clipped. Be drugged and tranquillized and stay in the house for 7-10 days. All of which he doesn't like anymore than not being able to lick the area in question.
Boy it's been awhile since the last time I had an animal neutered because I didn't realize how spendy it's gotten. Now I've made the decision to spay my little Emmy also and just get her a baby girl yorkie for a sister and have no babies. She's had 4 heat cycles now and I hate dealing with it. She changes so much when it comes on and it's just icky to have to deal with. So all the animals will be spayed or neutered.

Emmy has a friend for the summer it's little Faiths dog Maddy, a Miniature long haired daschund, and she's a little lover. At first emmy was too bouncy for Maddy but now she seems to have learned what Maddy likes and has become pretty good friends.

Maddy has come to stay while Faith and her family goes to Boston for her specialized radiation treatments. Soon the nightmare for this family will be somewhat over and little Faith will hopefully get to go to Kindergarden in the fall. I'm so happy that the outcome of this ordeal has turned out this way rather than the opposite...which I can't even bear to think about. I know there are some who believe that there is no God and that It couldn't be possible for this to be his will, But I believe she would not be her without all the prayers and the guidance from the Lord, In essence she was a test case and Drs. were learning from her how to treat other children with this type of cancer.

Our prayers have been answered, She is still with us and as far as we know now, She is cancer free for the time being.

Emmy and Maddy (Best friends forever) Camping on the couch freezing because it's Junuary instead of June in our area, Brrrrr!

Meanwhile, it's 70 days or less til my little Amalie(Jayde)sp? will be born. I rubbed her mommy's belly and said hello to her just the other day. I'm so excited! My son just started a new job, things are looking up for them. Now we just got to get her mommy to stop worrying so much and get some rest. Why does it always have to be so stressful to be pregnant, Why do we always worry so much during that time? is it the hormones? Or, just our nature?