Saturday, June 21, 2008

Doggy update...

I was going to name the post Dog days of Summer, Lol, Only it just reminds me how we got jipped on our spring this year, Shoot there was frost and snow in some passes in out state til last week and now it's summer? Maybe we will get an Indian summer this year.

Well, as you can plainly see Raleigh dog is back in full form. he had his stitches out yesterday and and received a great bill of health from his Vet, and now will be a more focused hunting dog.
One of my favorite Brother in laws called when he read the blog and said "Now what did you go and do that for?" He said it half jokingly and with sincere concern, but it is a male dominate dog society in Eastern Oregon "The bird hunting capitol of our state", and being raised to believe you don't need to neuter doesn't help.
Maybe seeing how Raleigh comes along will change some of those opinions. I think he thought we ruined a perfectly good hunting dog. All the info I could find said (not so) He will show him this year that he's better than ever, Raleigh will be in good form. He'll live a longer life because of it for sure.

Now Lil' Ms. Emmy lou on the other hand got caught with shots due and beings that she was with us, ended up getting 3 at one time. Poor girl. She's feeling pretty punky today and mostly sleeping but not without waking and wanting to be consoled for a little while.


He's got his eye on the prize

The good news is the vet came out and complimented us on how well behaved and well cared for our pets are. She said they were perfect weight and their coats are beautiful. Always nice to hear that the things you do to make your pets life longer is helping even if you don't expect to be recognized for it. We are our pets shepherds they need our compassion and caring.

...and little Ms. Maddy Mae is adjusting just fine to the vacation spa at our home, although I think she misses her kids (meaning the 4 kids of her family) especially at around her 9ish bedtime. But seems to like the rations and all the hugs and pets she can get.

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Jeannie said...

It's hard to change a mind that's set - I'll bet when it's proven that Raleigh is more focused your bil will just say it's because he's older and certainly not because he's been fixed.

Your dogs ARE gorgeous. They have it good living out in the country with people who love them.

Marianne said...

All your babies are beautiful and I am especially drawn to Ms. Maddy. Too cute!!

John McElveen said...

Beautiful Dog!

Sweetie, Thanks for stopping by. I would vote for Cos too, because he would at least keep us laughing and in jello!