Saturday, July 26, 2008

Meandering through the Willamette Valley

Today we were invited to join in on a mixed family reunion of sorts, Not many showed up. We thought by the sounds of it more from the Mr.s side would be there. It was a beautiful drive about an hour away from us, south to Lebanon, Or. The weather couldn't have been better, 70 something and partly cloudy with a slight breeze. Perfect.
On our way home from the lunch at the reunion we decided to stop and take some pictures of a place that back in the latter 50's the Mr.s Mom and Dad danced away many Friday or Saturday nights. The place has been becoming more run down everytime we pass by it over the past 13 years. So for giggles and preservation of some family history we stopped this time to take photos.

I did a little history search and found out it was called Bohemia Hall which was built about 1922 by the Czechosloslovakian community that settled in the area. Who knew. All I knew is what the Mr.s Dad told us. He danced to

A white sport coat and a pink carnation by Marty Robbins
with the Mr.s Mom and he made the comment that the Mr. was not even a twinkle in his eye yet, at that time.
Sadly though it isn't looking good as far as someone restoring it. It looks to be a pretty neat old building, you'd think someone could find a use for it.

We traveled on past the lodge and decided to go follow the covered bridge path that was marked by signs in which we'd never done before. We found one beyond the Shimanek bridge which is where the Mr. proposed to me at many years ago. This bridge was called the Hannah bridge named after a man that settled by the river that it now crosses which is Thomas creek. It's a neat bridge built in 1936, the construction is quite different. It's pretty cool to see these structures still being maintained for all to see.

The Hannah Bridge Scio, Oregon

Looks like a pretty decent swimming hole too

Finally after turning back on several roads because we couldn't find more bridges we ended up going back to Stayton and got an iced Mocha and went to the town arts festival, we didn't buy anything, but I saw some cute chickens in a nesting style box, We all know I like chickens Right? Well I especially like chicken statuary that is colorful and realistic, these were not but I still liked them anyway.
I'd like to have real ones but the Mr. says it would be too much to take care of and if not protected the coyotes, skunks and raccoons in our area get them.

All in all the day was good, Nice to have a joy ride even at 4.10 a gallon of gas, Honestly I never thought we'd see this high price for gasoline. Something needs to be bartered better. The grain idea seemed to be a good idea to me. Barrel for Barrel. But then what do I know.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Details, Details, Details....

I learned something about myself today that I never really gave any thought to, My cousin Kristi and I either email back and forth or call. I help her with things in the graphics nature like making or designing wine labels for her homemade wine.

Today she emails me after I send her a little questionaire on what type of wine? What colors? What size?
This is my response from her in an edited version,

Oh my goodness, i forgot you were like a latte stand. details, details, details...
.................(blah, blah, blah).................................................................................
.............(description of size and so on)..................................................................................................

and did i mention i lack imagination? This is why i don't order latte's--- too many choices. lol

Hmmmm, detail oriented, I guess I always knew it, just never had it pointed out before. Also it's not something I've ever added to a resume but maybe I should.

I'm a little nervous...

I'm busily printing some of my pictures for the County Fair, Mounting them on foam board and carefully labeling each one. 8 to be exact, It was hard to choose I have gazillions of them. ***Wish Me Luck*** It's a new venture, I've never submitted my works to be judged before. I just hope that I don't run to my room crying when it's all said and done, afterall I'm only 39.

Results will be displayed at the fair on the 12th, They will be judged prior to the start. I might be gone and not find out anything until the 14th of August, unless somebody in my family goes and checks it out.
It's looking like I will not get to go to Mariannes wedding and I'm bummed, I so wanted to meet her and Shark. It's just business, and trying to save money for future plans. Sorry Marianne.

The Baby (Amalie) is under the 30 day mark now and I'm trying to be available and at home if I can, so I can be there. I was there during the birth of both of my grandsons by my daughter and really loved every minute of the experience, Only I think, I could of had those babies 3 times over by the time she finally gave birth.

The Mr. and I and the girls(Emmy and Maddy Mae)for the latter half of the day Spent some time together last Saturday, He ran some errands and I rode along with him. We went towards the Sandy area and
stopped to get a few pictures of the Clackamas river. It's always so scenic there.

Portland Riverside, home of the Rose Festival across the river from OMSI at sunset with another Icon of Portland "The Sternwheeler" cruising past probably on a dinner cruise.

In the middle of the picture is the hospital where little Faith had her surgery and Chemo treaments, Doernbecker Childrens Hosp.

...and Finally Nightfall on the Rose City, Not quite the lights of Vegas. This is just a small section of the town too. I gotta go and spend some time during the day, It's really beautiful with old and historic buildings and nice museums.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Heathman Hotel

Mt. Rainier from Hwy 410 in Enumclaw, WA

Monday was a busy, busy, day. We traveled home from the Enumclaw, Wa area but not before having to have a valve stem on a tire fixed on the Mr's work truck. Always a pleasure, changing tires and trying to find somebody open to fix it on Sunday. In Enumclaw it's impossible. That's when the Mr. checks out the spare to see if it still good enough to travel on. Me, I take my vehicle into Les Schwabb (my favorite tire store) and have the tires rotated and the spare checked every so often. I hate being stranded.
Well, that's how it started. We drove the 3hrs. and 10 minutes back home and unpacked my car, Got the Raleigh dog from the kennel and took a short breather before getting all cleaned up for a fancy Birthday dinner in downtown Portland at the Heathman Hotel on the tab of the Mr.s son Bo. I was excited to get dressed up for dinner for a change. We dressed just casual nice, The Mr. in his Banana republic rayon softly muted Hawaiian shirt and me in my sundress also somewhat Hawaiian. I noticed we kinda matched on the way there. God, what does that mean?

Visitors are greeted by a 65 foot high "Portland" sign above the Broadway Marquee, at the
Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall.

We got there early and got to people watch for a little while in the Marble bar, Appropriately named, there's marble everywhere. The Mr. had a Zomerwitt wheat ale micro brew which he liked, I tasted it and liked the mellowness, I had just coffee w/ cream, Cold coffee at that. I brought it to the attention of the bartender and he promptly poured another cup for me. It still wasn't piping hot, In a fancy place like that I'm surprised that they didn't pre-warm the cups with hot water before serving, we used to at Chez Moustache restaurant when a customer wanted their coffee piping hot.

Notice my white Zuki parked at the front door, Yep, Vallet parking, Gotta love it.

The ambience was nice mostly professional people in their little chit chat clutches, only very few couples. The tables outside along the street looked enticing except for it was a tad bit windy. The temp outside was perfect for the outdoor experience, you know when you can't feel cold or heat just perfectly in the middle somewhere. Maybe next time.

And our host of the evening Bo

We met up with Bo and proceeded to the dining area, We met our server and she made the remark that it was someone's Bd, I instantly thought oh, no, and became somewhat apprehensive...With thoughts of the whole song and dance routine that some restaurants do.
We ordered, Appetizer of escargot and french style bread. We all agreed the it needed some garlic and a little white wine and Parmesan cheese to top it off, There's always a critic, huh?
We started dinner with an interesting salad that was a island on a big plate not a continent as everyone is accustom to, Nice flavor, it had fresh Raspberries and filberts for crunch with a vinaigrette dressing of some sort and small dollops of soft goat cheese.
I ordered a steak with potatoes and asparagus, The Mr. had quail with some type of fancy styled grits, and Bo had a citrus glazed pork chop. I noticed on every meal the entree came stacked on top of all the little side dishes that came with the meal. Again, an island on the plate not a continent. Good thing I don't mind my foods touching. We sampled each others entrees to broaden our nextime experience. It was all nicely flavorful.
Dessert...Ok I'm starting to sort of prepare myself for you know, the song and dance routine, So I order a dessert so I don't spoil the fun. Bread pudding and the Mr. orders a tapioca rhubarb layered dish, and of course Bo orders nothing. Dessert arrives and much to my pleasant surprise, no singing and no dancing but the impact and statement was made with the serving dishes and the hand written "Happy Birthday" in chocolate syrup and a birthday candle all aglow on the plate. It was pure impact with class. YaY! I made a wish to achieve a little thinness in the year to come and blew out the candle and ate my dessert.

I enjoyed myself mostly because of the company I was with, The dinner was nice and all but I liked seeing the Mr. get to spend time with Bo too. He Makes him proud in his efforts to become the Professional Chef that he wants to be. He'll get there someday. I think that I really like the adult he has become.
Thanks Bo for a nice dinner out and on the town and making the reservations and everything.

Monday, July 14, 2008

P.S. they made the best kisses list
with a picture named appropriately "I Love You Already Amalie" Go check it out.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

...and baby girl soon will make 3

I'm getting pretty darned excited, Their baby girl is simply just 30 something days away. Both parents are gearing up to the event and trying to get educated on how this will unfold.
I sense some apprehension on Joelle's part, being both scared and excited at the same time, I remember my 1st one and I felt the same way. She'll do great I know it.

Carl, I think is ready mentally to be the daddy, he's built that way. He's come along way in a short amount of time. Most of you know that they just relocated back to home stomping grounds back in the early part of the year, Only to bring me the best kind of news possible, A baby is on the way...
So from that point on he's searched relentlessly for work and finally found it, not the best job but with many double shifts, it worked. Now, with an even better job things are looking up and falling into place. I admired the strength in their relationship to face these lifes hurdles and be stronger on the other side. This is the good stuff in life.

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Saturday, July 05, 2008


We made plans to join to daughter and her family to watch fireworks in a school field in lawn chairs with food and fun for everyone and it ended up being me taking a quick drive to the same area only now it's packed with people and all I want to do is some photography work.

The Mr's having way to much fun...

The Mr's bird dog heard the Mr. celebrating the 4th with his black powder guns and decided to become an idiot and go thru our bedroom window only after clawing the screen out the open window. Then he was gone, We even tranquilized him prior to bringing him in the house from his pasture area, thinking oh, he'll just be down for the count tonight. Wrong.
He just thinks when he hears a gun or fireworks it's time to go hunting. Aughhhhh!

I spent almost an hour and a half frantically looking for a tranquillized dog on the lamb in my car, Because if you pull up in the car he thinks he gets to go with you and it makes it easy to catch him.

Needless to say I didn't find him then and we went home and waited and worried, and hoped someone would call after capturing him. He has more ID tags then carter has pills...honestly!

The tranquillizer did nothing, But add to my worries, ...What if he gets rummy and just wanders into traffic, ...or goes somewhere and goes to sleep until the fireworks start and then goes bananas in fear. The Mr. all the while is keeping a vigilant watch outside and spots him going to the neighbors. So he goes after him and Raleigh just comes to him, WTH.

You know when your worried about your kids and then you find out they're safe and just fooling around somewhere and not keeping in contact, you know how you just want to beat them within an inch of their lives, I was there last night. I didn't whoop him, but I wanted to.

So now the evening plans are spoiled due to an untrustworthy dog that will not stop at a window to reach freedom. We couldn't leave him tied up outside and couldn't leave him in. So the Mr. stayed at home and I went and took pictures by myself and shared them with him when I got home.

He's getting a 8 x 8 jail cell(kennel), We hate to do it, but he has his own mind to do what he wants to do. He'll get exercised morning and night with a shock collar in place and not be trusted without one. I think he needs a good trainer that won't baby him like the Mr. does and a nanny goat for company in the pasture.
...this is why I love my little (almost) dogs they just want to hang with you.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Justin and Rachel Wedding...

Justin and Rachels Wedding (album online here).. Cousins, Aunts, Uncles, and more in between from the Mr.'s side of the house. The event was more like a family reunion. I'm not a big fan of doing photography at weddings but I'd like to think I would do OK as a backup photographer doing candids.

A bonafied country wedding in the middle of the Williamette Valley, It started with hot sunny weather 97ish and we ended the evening with Thunder and lightening but no rain. As per usual we were the last to leave, You get us with family and we turn into bucket mouths, it's yak, yak, yak. But we live this close and are busy and we see eachother on just these kinds of events and rarely more than that. It's a shame really.
We finally go home near I think it was almost midnite.

The Bride and Groom (Cousin) are off to Victoria B.C. Canada for their honeymoon.