Sunday, July 13, 2008

...and baby girl soon will make 3

I'm getting pretty darned excited, Their baby girl is simply just 30 something days away. Both parents are gearing up to the event and trying to get educated on how this will unfold.
I sense some apprehension on Joelle's part, being both scared and excited at the same time, I remember my 1st one and I felt the same way. She'll do great I know it.

Carl, I think is ready mentally to be the daddy, he's built that way. He's come along way in a short amount of time. Most of you know that they just relocated back to home stomping grounds back in the early part of the year, Only to bring me the best kind of news possible, A baby is on the way...
So from that point on he's searched relentlessly for work and finally found it, not the best job but with many double shifts, it worked. Now, with an even better job things are looking up and falling into place. I admired the strength in their relationship to face these lifes hurdles and be stronger on the other side. This is the good stuff in life.

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Jeannie said...

What a gorgeous couple! And with the support of a Grandma like you, of course they will do fine.

Barbara Doduk said...

They are a beautiful couple and she is just radiant.

She also does rings like I do, two on the thumbs... that is until I lost one a few months ago :( Need to find a new thumb ring. I feel lopsided without it.

Anyway, I am sure they'll both be awesome, you can see the love they have for one another.

Marianne said...


Sweeti said...

Thanks you guys for your nice comments, Joelle is truely greatful for the nice comments also.
Pregnancy can make you feel so awesome at times and then you get the glance in the mirror and think who is that?
She is gorgeous even in her pregnant state, which is only temporary Joelle.
However your beauty in personality is forever.

Helene said...

that's absolutely lovely! the happy parents look lovely. They don't need any more good wishes, they have all the love and happiness in the world but all the best to them three.

Alex and I are also over the moon only 16 weeks tomorrow (3 1/2 months) still a long way to go and little to show for it!