Saturday, July 05, 2008


We made plans to join to daughter and her family to watch fireworks in a school field in lawn chairs with food and fun for everyone and it ended up being me taking a quick drive to the same area only now it's packed with people and all I want to do is some photography work.

The Mr's having way to much fun...

The Mr's bird dog heard the Mr. celebrating the 4th with his black powder guns and decided to become an idiot and go thru our bedroom window only after clawing the screen out the open window. Then he was gone, We even tranquilized him prior to bringing him in the house from his pasture area, thinking oh, he'll just be down for the count tonight. Wrong.
He just thinks when he hears a gun or fireworks it's time to go hunting. Aughhhhh!

I spent almost an hour and a half frantically looking for a tranquillized dog on the lamb in my car, Because if you pull up in the car he thinks he gets to go with you and it makes it easy to catch him.

Needless to say I didn't find him then and we went home and waited and worried, and hoped someone would call after capturing him. He has more ID tags then carter has pills...honestly!

The tranquillizer did nothing, But add to my worries, ...What if he gets rummy and just wanders into traffic, ...or goes somewhere and goes to sleep until the fireworks start and then goes bananas in fear. The Mr. all the while is keeping a vigilant watch outside and spots him going to the neighbors. So he goes after him and Raleigh just comes to him, WTH.

You know when your worried about your kids and then you find out they're safe and just fooling around somewhere and not keeping in contact, you know how you just want to beat them within an inch of their lives, I was there last night. I didn't whoop him, but I wanted to.

So now the evening plans are spoiled due to an untrustworthy dog that will not stop at a window to reach freedom. We couldn't leave him tied up outside and couldn't leave him in. So the Mr. stayed at home and I went and took pictures by myself and shared them with him when I got home.

He's getting a 8 x 8 jail cell(kennel), We hate to do it, but he has his own mind to do what he wants to do. He'll get exercised morning and night with a shock collar in place and not be trusted without one. I think he needs a good trainer that won't baby him like the Mr. does and a nanny goat for company in the pasture.
...this is why I love my little (almost) dogs they just want to hang with you.

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Jeannie said...

Fireworks are so pretty - how did you do the slideshow?

I thought Raleigh was fixed - I guess it didn't settle him as much as you'd hoped. Poor doggie. Just like some stupid kid who doesn't know what's good for him.

Jeannie said...

Know what's funny? I've had Picasa forever and never used it or looked at it. Although I'd be tempted to overuse this effect and annoy everyone - I think it's perfect for fireworks - like they are going off just then - almost a video but without the lags.

Marianne said...

Holy cow! What a powerful dog. And I love the more tags than Carter has pills.


Barbara Doduk said...

Well I am glad he is okay. I am amazed at his instinct to "hunt", has he been hunting and knows the noises?

I would have assumed he was scared by the sounds, as a lot of animals are frightened by fireworks.

Lovely pictures too.

John McElveen said...

Thanks for stopping by..if you don't mind I'd like to blogroll you so I can return and catch up on what I've been missing!


PS: Picassa is awesome!