Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Heathman Hotel

Mt. Rainier from Hwy 410 in Enumclaw, WA

Monday was a busy, busy, day. We traveled home from the Enumclaw, Wa area but not before having to have a valve stem on a tire fixed on the Mr's work truck. Always a pleasure, changing tires and trying to find somebody open to fix it on Sunday. In Enumclaw it's impossible. That's when the Mr. checks out the spare to see if it still good enough to travel on. Me, I take my vehicle into Les Schwabb (my favorite tire store) and have the tires rotated and the spare checked every so often. I hate being stranded.
Well, that's how it started. We drove the 3hrs. and 10 minutes back home and unpacked my car, Got the Raleigh dog from the kennel and took a short breather before getting all cleaned up for a fancy Birthday dinner in downtown Portland at the Heathman Hotel on the tab of the Mr.s son Bo. I was excited to get dressed up for dinner for a change. We dressed just casual nice, The Mr. in his Banana republic rayon softly muted Hawaiian shirt and me in my sundress also somewhat Hawaiian. I noticed we kinda matched on the way there. God, what does that mean?

Visitors are greeted by a 65 foot high "Portland" sign above the Broadway Marquee, at the
Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall.

We got there early and got to people watch for a little while in the Marble bar, Appropriately named, there's marble everywhere. The Mr. had a Zomerwitt wheat ale micro brew which he liked, I tasted it and liked the mellowness, I had just coffee w/ cream, Cold coffee at that. I brought it to the attention of the bartender and he promptly poured another cup for me. It still wasn't piping hot, In a fancy place like that I'm surprised that they didn't pre-warm the cups with hot water before serving, we used to at Chez Moustache restaurant when a customer wanted their coffee piping hot.

Notice my white Zuki parked at the front door, Yep, Vallet parking, Gotta love it.

The ambience was nice mostly professional people in their little chit chat clutches, only very few couples. The tables outside along the street looked enticing except for it was a tad bit windy. The temp outside was perfect for the outdoor experience, you know when you can't feel cold or heat just perfectly in the middle somewhere. Maybe next time.

And our host of the evening Bo

We met up with Bo and proceeded to the dining area, We met our server and she made the remark that it was someone's Bd, I instantly thought oh, no, and became somewhat apprehensive...With thoughts of the whole song and dance routine that some restaurants do.
We ordered, Appetizer of escargot and french style bread. We all agreed the it needed some garlic and a little white wine and Parmesan cheese to top it off, There's always a critic, huh?
We started dinner with an interesting salad that was a island on a big plate not a continent as everyone is accustom to, Nice flavor, it had fresh Raspberries and filberts for crunch with a vinaigrette dressing of some sort and small dollops of soft goat cheese.
I ordered a steak with potatoes and asparagus, The Mr. had quail with some type of fancy styled grits, and Bo had a citrus glazed pork chop. I noticed on every meal the entree came stacked on top of all the little side dishes that came with the meal. Again, an island on the plate not a continent. Good thing I don't mind my foods touching. We sampled each others entrees to broaden our nextime experience. It was all nicely flavorful.
Dessert...Ok I'm starting to sort of prepare myself for you know, the song and dance routine, So I order a dessert so I don't spoil the fun. Bread pudding and the Mr. orders a tapioca rhubarb layered dish, and of course Bo orders nothing. Dessert arrives and much to my pleasant surprise, no singing and no dancing but the impact and statement was made with the serving dishes and the hand written "Happy Birthday" in chocolate syrup and a birthday candle all aglow on the plate. It was pure impact with class. YaY! I made a wish to achieve a little thinness in the year to come and blew out the candle and ate my dessert.

I enjoyed myself mostly because of the company I was with, The dinner was nice and all but I liked seeing the Mr. get to spend time with Bo too. He Makes him proud in his efforts to become the Professional Chef that he wants to be. He'll get there someday. I think that I really like the adult he has become.
Thanks Bo for a nice dinner out and on the town and making the reservations and everything.

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Jeannie said...

Oh No!!! I missed it! I forgot! I'm so sorry.

Happy Happy belated birthday Sweeti - glad you had a nice one. Sounds like a lovely meal. (Although somehow grits and elegance don't go together in my mind)

Sweeti said...
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Sweeti said...

Thank you Jeanie but you did wish me a Happy Birthday earlier I just never got around to sending my address like you asked me to. I'd like you to paint something for me, any size and topic of your choice.
Actually, I think it was risotto with tons of flavor and butter. My mashed potatoes tasted like none that I'd ever had before. They were whippy and creamy and in very small portions I might add. Just enough to squeeze out from the steak stacked on top. Their theory for sure was to leave you wanting more.

Barbara Doduk said...

Happy birthday, that birthday dessert and all of it sounds amazing.