Thursday, July 24, 2008

I'm a little nervous...

I'm busily printing some of my pictures for the County Fair, Mounting them on foam board and carefully labeling each one. 8 to be exact, It was hard to choose I have gazillions of them. ***Wish Me Luck*** It's a new venture, I've never submitted my works to be judged before. I just hope that I don't run to my room crying when it's all said and done, afterall I'm only 39.

Results will be displayed at the fair on the 12th, They will be judged prior to the start. I might be gone and not find out anything until the 14th of August, unless somebody in my family goes and checks it out.
It's looking like I will not get to go to Mariannes wedding and I'm bummed, I so wanted to meet her and Shark. It's just business, and trying to save money for future plans. Sorry Marianne.

The Baby (Amalie) is under the 30 day mark now and I'm trying to be available and at home if I can, so I can be there. I was there during the birth of both of my grandsons by my daughter and really loved every minute of the experience, Only I think, I could of had those babies 3 times over by the time she finally gave birth.

The Mr. and I and the girls(Emmy and Maddy Mae)for the latter half of the day Spent some time together last Saturday, He ran some errands and I rode along with him. We went towards the Sandy area and
stopped to get a few pictures of the Clackamas river. It's always so scenic there.

Portland Riverside, home of the Rose Festival across the river from OMSI at sunset with another Icon of Portland "The Sternwheeler" cruising past probably on a dinner cruise.

In the middle of the picture is the hospital where little Faith had her surgery and Chemo treaments, Doernbecker Childrens Hosp.

...and Finally Nightfall on the Rose City, Not quite the lights of Vegas. This is just a small section of the town too. I gotta go and spend some time during the day, It's really beautiful with old and historic buildings and nice museums.

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Marianne said...

I was thinking of you this morning as I brushed my hair and wondered if you were going to be making it to Vegas.

It's okay Sweeti. It wasn't meant to happen yet. Folks have dropped out of this trip like flies. Hard economic times and I totally understand. And business is business.

I'll make it to Oregon one of these days. I've never been there and I want to check it out.