Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Justin and Rachel Wedding...

Justin and Rachels Wedding (album online here).. Cousins, Aunts, Uncles, and more in between from the Mr.'s side of the house. The event was more like a family reunion. I'm not a big fan of doing photography at weddings but I'd like to think I would do OK as a backup photographer doing candids.

A bonafied country wedding in the middle of the Williamette Valley, It started with hot sunny weather 97ish and we ended the evening with Thunder and lightening but no rain. As per usual we were the last to leave, You get us with family and we turn into bucket mouths, it's yak, yak, yak. But we live this close and are busy and we see eachother on just these kinds of events and rarely more than that. It's a shame really.
We finally go home near I think it was almost midnite.

The Bride and Groom (Cousin) are off to Victoria B.C. Canada for their honeymoon.

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Jeannie said...

Sweet picture! Be glad it's weddings that bring you together - in our family it's only funerals that do it now.

La Cremiere said...

This is a nice shot. You do take good pictures, you should share more of them. what's the S for on the cake?
I think people are last to go because it always feels like we have more fun as the night evolves and by the time it's time to go home, people are really having a blast. I haven't been to many weddings but I've got two coming up this summer, yay!

Barbara Doduk said...

Beautiful couple. Victoria? They clearly aren't ever leaving the hotel room. ;-P

Liliana said...

Happy belated BD Sweeti!!!
Hope you are feeling better and by own experience, I do know the honeymooners will not leave the hotel at Victoria!!! ;)