Saturday, July 26, 2008

Meandering through the Willamette Valley

Today we were invited to join in on a mixed family reunion of sorts, Not many showed up. We thought by the sounds of it more from the Mr.s side would be there. It was a beautiful drive about an hour away from us, south to Lebanon, Or. The weather couldn't have been better, 70 something and partly cloudy with a slight breeze. Perfect.
On our way home from the lunch at the reunion we decided to stop and take some pictures of a place that back in the latter 50's the Mr.s Mom and Dad danced away many Friday or Saturday nights. The place has been becoming more run down everytime we pass by it over the past 13 years. So for giggles and preservation of some family history we stopped this time to take photos.

I did a little history search and found out it was called Bohemia Hall which was built about 1922 by the Czechosloslovakian community that settled in the area. Who knew. All I knew is what the Mr.s Dad told us. He danced to

A white sport coat and a pink carnation by Marty Robbins
with the Mr.s Mom and he made the comment that the Mr. was not even a twinkle in his eye yet, at that time.
Sadly though it isn't looking good as far as someone restoring it. It looks to be a pretty neat old building, you'd think someone could find a use for it.

We traveled on past the lodge and decided to go follow the covered bridge path that was marked by signs in which we'd never done before. We found one beyond the Shimanek bridge which is where the Mr. proposed to me at many years ago. This bridge was called the Hannah bridge named after a man that settled by the river that it now crosses which is Thomas creek. It's a neat bridge built in 1936, the construction is quite different. It's pretty cool to see these structures still being maintained for all to see.

The Hannah Bridge Scio, Oregon

Looks like a pretty decent swimming hole too

Finally after turning back on several roads because we couldn't find more bridges we ended up going back to Stayton and got an iced Mocha and went to the town arts festival, we didn't buy anything, but I saw some cute chickens in a nesting style box, We all know I like chickens Right? Well I especially like chicken statuary that is colorful and realistic, these were not but I still liked them anyway.
I'd like to have real ones but the Mr. says it would be too much to take care of and if not protected the coyotes, skunks and raccoons in our area get them.

All in all the day was good, Nice to have a joy ride even at 4.10 a gallon of gas, Honestly I never thought we'd see this high price for gasoline. Something needs to be bartered better. The grain idea seemed to be a good idea to me. Barrel for Barrel. But then what do I know.

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Jeannie said...

You are still fortunate to be paying only $4.10 a gallon (We pay $1.25 a litre which works out to at least $5/g)

I love old buildings. We've got an old covered bridge nearby. I should go and take pictures one day.

Anonymous said...

this is sooo cool.