Saturday, August 30, 2008

Miracles in the form of babies, you gotta love it.

Back in the day of wedding plans
I was at the hospital with Carl and Joelle awaiting the birth of the 3rd grandbaby and the Mr. calls with anticipation of news on that front and also to spring the news of another pending baby in the family.

This news was so great, Brother Carl and his Mrs., Michaelann are expecting sometime near mid-March. I wondered if it was going to happen for them, I knew they wanted it, but sometimes we don't get the choice. So YAY! I'm so happy for them!
Lil' Cowpokes prints by Michael Miller

I can see the nursery now, She loves the Lil' Cowpoke boys and girls retro prints.
With Carl being a steer wrestler and cattleman and her doing some barrel racing, it's really the only choice. Brother Carl thinks he's gonna pass out during the birthing process, He says he has problems with cows calving. Maybe he'll have to be sitting so he doesn't have so far to fall. lol.

Congratulations you two.

I want to vote today.

We all know that I really don't care to discuss politics, and if Hillary was the topic I was even more turned off. With that said, I watched the Republican party renew my faith in the political realm of things to come yesterday.
Finally I feel and know, I have a choice.

I was really still unsure of who to vote for other than I knew I couldn't let the first woman be Hillary. I wanted so much more than politics and court cases. History just couldn't be written like that, it was way to big for her.

Finally, a refreshing change, Palin will do great I felt it in her spirit. I only wish the ticket was reversed. However, giving credit where credit is due, She was a very smart choice for McCain.

I can't believe I just wrote this post...I must be evolving.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy Birthday to Joelle

Amalie last night @ 2 days old

I got to go visit my grand daughter last night, I held her, watched her expressions, rocked her and consoled her. I loved every second of it. She really looks like her Daddy, but has her Mommys lips and possibly eyes. It's still kind of hard to tell yet
We brought her mommy a present because it was her Birthday. A ring with Peridot stones in it, to create a family heirloom. She someday at her own discretion, will pass it down to Amalie. But for now, its Joelle's ring that symbolizes both of them. She was a little overwhelmed, but it was "All Good"

A mothers ring.

starting new family traditions...making memories for the future.

Monday, August 25, 2008

...And baby makes a family.

OK everyone, it was a long day and night. I am trying to get some pictures posted for you all and share some good news so bare with me here. The kids had an even longer day and night than I did.

Carl and Joelle spent actually a couple days in labor, Joelle labored very hard for a full 24 hrs. Carl never left her sight. I was so proud of both of them, he was so attentive and kind and caring and when she needed him to be strong, he was there and accountable too, through it all, and when he needed her to be strong, She absolutely was with all her resolve.

Nothing went according to their plans as far as the process of delivery, They planned to go completely natural, it was to intense for too long, Joelle tried very hard to resist, eventually it was time for an epidural, She absolutely needed it. Joelle had a very hard time from the pain of it all with nausea, the poor girl is going to have some very sore innards for some time after this one.

The Dr. was hoping to see 1 centimeter every hour and a half or so and it just wasn't happening, Joelle and the baby managed to squeak out 6 centimeters of dilation and no more. She started to spike a fever, things were in my mind changing and I began to pray and worry for all of them.

The Dr. inserts a probe to measure the contractions and they were absolutely strong enough to deliver naturally but he suspected trouble and muttered the phrase C Section, the mood changed and the questioning began.

They had watched this documentary before the baby was to be born about how many C sections were performed each year unnecessarily and tried to reason it all out before finally settling on the the best decision, just go with your Dr.s advice.

So to make a long day short for you, Amalie was born to Carl and Joelle via C section at approx. 9 something last night. My prayers were answered, Mom and Baby are both happy and healthy and with us today.

...It ended up she was turned a little in the wrong direction with her head and not able to come any further down the birthing canal, she was stuck.

The seemingly endless contractions

Joelle trying to smile though a rough time with her mom Darci

Carl getting ready for the surgery to birth the baby, Steady and strong

Carl and Joelle going to delivery, Scared but strong in union to come out successful on the other side.

And here she is about 2 hr.s old first picture taken by her Daddy. 6lbs 12oz.s and 19.5 ins. long

Me and my new Grand daughter Amalie

Her foot print on her Daddy's shirt

just the beginning of the footprints she'll put on all our hearts in the years to come.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

In overtime...

Well, Here we are 3 days over due by our schedules but not quite ready by Amalie's schedule, Joelle seems to be doing fine. I'm sure she is uncomfortable and probably ready to have this baby. Carl says she's been quite the trooper through this whole pregnancy.
I worry about her though, she's been sick after eating either in the morning or the evening for awhile now poor girl. The OBGYN is talking to them about inducing after this coming Mon. and neither of them really want to do that. They'd really like to wait her out.

The best we can figure she was conceived on Carl's birthday and now the cool part, if Amalie hangs in there a little longer she could possibly be born on Joelle's birthday on the 26th. The Mr. thinks she'll come on the 23rd which would make her a Virgo instead of a Leo, I'm OK with that. If she comes on the 25th she'll be born on the Mr's sons birthday.
Time and plans are pending on her now, I afraid to go anywhere without a phone. I am so excited for them and this baby's arrival, I just pray for happy and healthy.

In other news, I seen my Rheumatologist last Wed, He diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia and has ran a few more tests and wants me to come back in for a consultation. It kinda freaks me out but at least they are figuring something out so it can be treated. I'm all for feeling better sooner than later and getting rid of my "hit by a mac truck mornings".

now on to a lighter side...
I was going to the grocery store the other day and seen something pretty unusual, I'd like to say this is why I carry a camera with me most of the time, You never know what you'll come across even at the grocery store.

Friday, August 15, 2008

I wish this was scratch and sniff

There is nothing better than the warm summer sun and soft breezes and the over whelmingly thick smell of sun warmed blackberries on the vine. It just all of a sudden sneaks up on you with the right direction of the breeze and clobbers you with it's rich aroma.
I swear I've died and gone to heaven with every deep and lingering inhale. It smells like the first hint of a blackberry cobbler, at half the baking time, making it's way from the oven only better, walks this time of year are intoxicating for me. If it ever gets labeled as drug, I'll be in serious trouble. It's pure euphoria.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Check it out, Third Place

Third place is not bad for as many entrants as there are this year, I'm totally excited! Watch out now, all I needed was a little bit of that kind of encouragement. I think that I shocked myself just by placing, I truely had hoped for just a Honorable mention. So YaY!

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hoover or Boulder?

I thought it might be fun to share this picture of Hoover Dam taken way back in my youth, by my mom or my dad. The funny thing is, growing up in the area of Las Vegas, NV.
I never gave it much thought on just how impressive this place was, it was just our Dam. Heck, I can recall that my knowledge of the area and our state consisted of the mountain bluebird was our state bird and the sagebrush was our flower, the big horn sheep was our animal and the desert turtle was our reptile, we were known as the silver state and I always thought it was because it had the most silver dollars of any place around and we were the 36th state in the union in 1864, July 28th to be exact.

All through my grade school years I just remember the confusion about this Dam. Is it Boulder dam or is it Hoover Dam? Depending on the person you asked, the answer never seemed to be the same.

Every year it seemed the schools would schedule field trips to this mammoth wonder of the world, Well, you know when your a kid the world is as big as you've seen by your own eyes. I remember touring the hidden tunnels and cave like structures under the ground and in the dam itself, Some of it was scary, It had leaks and even little tiny streams of water in places. I thought it was gonna cave in while I was there.

I always thought it was cool to be able to eat lunch in the workers lunch room area, Don't ask me why, because I have no idea. Maybe it was because of something stupid like a good sack lunch or I was already tired and needed the break. It was so huge and massive that the tour took the majority of the day and you were tired when you got back on the bus. I've heard you can't tour certain places anymore due to risk in security and rightly so.

Then don't even get me started on the "people who died" building the Dam. The rumor amongst all us kids was that we were standing on a concrete burial ground for God only knows how many. Still to this day they haven't dispelled this, I can imagine that there are some buried in there, It looks so dangerous.
I remember looking over the dam down into the lower part and seeing all the cables and wires and then the depth, Holy Toledo, it was totally vertigo, I almost got nauseated and had to step way back to get rid of the feeling. I couldn't even imagine working on that project back in the day when tools and machinery was so primitive.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Slice of Summer in the park

Over the weekend we threw a party for the oldest of my kids, She was made aware of the party in her honor so she could dress accordingly and help with some preparations, I'm no fool.
We potlucked it for the most part, I brought way to many foot long sub sandwiches and homemade muffin style cup cakes in Raspberry and Chocolate mayonnaise cake with butter cream dollops dotted on top.
I earned the dubious honor of laying claim to the unofficial title of "The Baking Bitch" from an old friend, Hmmmm, perhaps because she smelled the chocolate aroma and couldn't resist, I didn't have any trouble getting rid of those. You know they're good when your grandson thinks he'll get sick if he doesn't stop eating, yet can't throw away the rest because it's too good.
I did some prep work ahead of time, Baked them last week and froze them til the day of, It makes for better flavor and moister, firmer texture in cake, I think.

I did some sleuthing on the net for the band playing at our Slice of Summer concert in the park for the week that I wanted to have Jalana's party, I found them listed and gave them a jingle. Darnell is the lady of the band called Koral Jam (pronounced Coral like the reefs) and I spoke with her personally and she took it from there. Oh my goodness, She was so nice. They went out of their way to make the party so fun. Singing and dancing, Who could have asked for more?
So then I informed all that I could that I'd like to do it in Hawaiian theme and the family did just that. It was fun. 3 hours of party and no house to clean before or afterwards, YaY!

Some of the hi-lights of the party was everyone in a good mood, the sun was shining, it wasn't too hot, and there was good food and live music.
Jalana was in good form as per usual, She can be quite entertaining when she wants to be. I still think she would have made an great stand up comedian. Although banking probably pays better.

Joelle at 8 and half months pregnant danced a graceful and beautiful hula dance for us, She had adoration coming out from everyone. The little girls loved her, The little boys just stood in awe of her and watched, The crowd, I think were amazed at how well she did even being that far along. I even saw the band turn and check her out. She was amazing.
She even got a thumbs up from Joe Fleischmann of St. Josef's Winery here in the Canby area. I've known him for years, because I used to serve him and his family and friends dinner before at the Chez Moustache when I worked there, long before it became an antique store. I've also danced a jig and stomped grapes out at his Winery. That was fun and good food and wine too.
We had friends from the past stop and say hi, I hadn't realized that the concert in the park had been going for 18 years, Mid July - Mid August on Sundays, I don't think I've missed a Summer. So this was a familiar thing for the kids, and now for our grand kids too.
Needless to say, We had fun, I hope our old and new friends of Canby that were there, did as well.

Happy Birthday Jalana.

Slice of Summer 8/3/2008

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Friday, August 01, 2008

She is just a small town girl...

The Mr and I snuck off to the Yamhill County Fair and Rodeo in McMinnville, Oregon last night just to see Kellie Pickler in person and ofcourse, hear her sing. It was a fun time, Except we had to stand the whole time and I'm boy am I paying for it today. I'm having a real problem with the standing upright for long periods of time, I think I've got a nerve pinching.
Kellie was in her usual form a whole lot of country with a sweet touch of witty and by her own admission a tad bit of A.D.D., She was loving Oregon from what I could tell and expressed her appreciation repeatedly for so many fans coming out to see her. She seemed really genuine, I like that about her.
I looked around a bit and there was quite a few there to see her. She mentioned winning the 3 awards through CMA, and also told us this was a vote through fans only to win them, Yay for her.
Kellie in the beginning brought out her new puppy dog, and Marianne your gonna love this, it was a little bitty Chihuahua. Black and white, spotted like a cow so she name it

Moo Moo
I went to her Myspace to get the picture of it, I'm sure she took it herself because she had only had the pup a couple days and she got it here in Oregon somewhere.

These are pictures from the concert and if you didn't have a camera like mine I'm sure you'd have only gotten a blur. The lighting was terrible for pictures, These were my best shots of many let me tell you. I learned something about my camera through my own trial and error last night. I figured out all by myself how to take these kinds of pictures in the dark with no tripod. Anybody with camera experience knows that's a real task. So Enjoy and I'm proud to bring them to you.

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Even though I was a Hicks Chick in the Season 5 of American Idol,...I've yet to see him, I wish her well, She is gifted and has a new album coming out in September. We heard a few preview songs from the album and "Throwing rocks instead of rice" was a catchy sorta funny song about a girl crashing her ex-boyfriends wedding. Listen for it.