Monday, August 25, 2008

...And baby makes a family.

OK everyone, it was a long day and night. I am trying to get some pictures posted for you all and share some good news so bare with me here. The kids had an even longer day and night than I did.

Carl and Joelle spent actually a couple days in labor, Joelle labored very hard for a full 24 hrs. Carl never left her sight. I was so proud of both of them, he was so attentive and kind and caring and when she needed him to be strong, he was there and accountable too, through it all, and when he needed her to be strong, She absolutely was with all her resolve.

Nothing went according to their plans as far as the process of delivery, They planned to go completely natural, it was to intense for too long, Joelle tried very hard to resist, eventually it was time for an epidural, She absolutely needed it. Joelle had a very hard time from the pain of it all with nausea, the poor girl is going to have some very sore innards for some time after this one.

The Dr. was hoping to see 1 centimeter every hour and a half or so and it just wasn't happening, Joelle and the baby managed to squeak out 6 centimeters of dilation and no more. She started to spike a fever, things were in my mind changing and I began to pray and worry for all of them.

The Dr. inserts a probe to measure the contractions and they were absolutely strong enough to deliver naturally but he suspected trouble and muttered the phrase C Section, the mood changed and the questioning began.

They had watched this documentary before the baby was to be born about how many C sections were performed each year unnecessarily and tried to reason it all out before finally settling on the the best decision, just go with your Dr.s advice.

So to make a long day short for you, Amalie was born to Carl and Joelle via C section at approx. 9 something last night. My prayers were answered, Mom and Baby are both happy and healthy and with us today.

...It ended up she was turned a little in the wrong direction with her head and not able to come any further down the birthing canal, she was stuck.

The seemingly endless contractions

Joelle trying to smile though a rough time with her mom Darci

Carl getting ready for the surgery to birth the baby, Steady and strong

Carl and Joelle going to delivery, Scared but strong in union to come out successful on the other side.

And here she is about 2 hr.s old first picture taken by her Daddy. 6lbs 12oz.s and 19.5 ins. long

Me and my new Grand daughter Amalie

Her foot print on her Daddy's shirt

just the beginning of the footprints she'll put on all our hearts in the years to come.

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Liliana said...

Congratulations Sweeti, she is lovely!!!! =)

Jeannie said...

Congratulations Gramma Sweetie!

Poor Momma. But she looks beautiful. And so does the wee one. As long as everyone comes thru healthy.

Anonymous said...

I can feel the love,
No more beautiful story has been portrayed, I want to be in your family. That baby will not need for love that's for sure. Kelli

Marianne said...

Welcome to life Amalie! She is beautiful and born into an overwhelmingly loving family.

She is a lucky girl.

Congratulations to her beautiful Grandmother!!

Scott from Oregon said...