Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hoover or Boulder?

I thought it might be fun to share this picture of Hoover Dam taken way back in my youth, by my mom or my dad. The funny thing is, growing up in the area of Las Vegas, NV.
I never gave it much thought on just how impressive this place was, it was just our Dam. Heck, I can recall that my knowledge of the area and our state consisted of the mountain bluebird was our state bird and the sagebrush was our flower, the big horn sheep was our animal and the desert turtle was our reptile, we were known as the silver state and I always thought it was because it had the most silver dollars of any place around and we were the 36th state in the union in 1864, July 28th to be exact.

All through my grade school years I just remember the confusion about this Dam. Is it Boulder dam or is it Hoover Dam? Depending on the person you asked, the answer never seemed to be the same.

Every year it seemed the schools would schedule field trips to this mammoth wonder of the world, Well, you know when your a kid the world is as big as you've seen by your own eyes. I remember touring the hidden tunnels and cave like structures under the ground and in the dam itself, Some of it was scary, It had leaks and even little tiny streams of water in places. I thought it was gonna cave in while I was there.

I always thought it was cool to be able to eat lunch in the workers lunch room area, Don't ask me why, because I have no idea. Maybe it was because of something stupid like a good sack lunch or I was already tired and needed the break. It was so huge and massive that the tour took the majority of the day and you were tired when you got back on the bus. I've heard you can't tour certain places anymore due to risk in security and rightly so.

Then don't even get me started on the "people who died" building the Dam. The rumor amongst all us kids was that we were standing on a concrete burial ground for God only knows how many. Still to this day they haven't dispelled this, I can imagine that there are some buried in there, It looks so dangerous.
I remember looking over the dam down into the lower part and seeing all the cables and wires and then the depth, Holy Toledo, it was totally vertigo, I almost got nauseated and had to step way back to get rid of the feeling. I couldn't even imagine working on that project back in the day when tools and machinery was so primitive.

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Jeannie said...

It is an impressive dam - but if it helps at all, I've only ever heard of the Hoover Dam - never Boulder.

When we were there, we never went on any tours - everything was closed.

As far as tourist attractions though - Niagara Falls is way cooler. So is the Grand Canyon.

Marianne said...

It started out being called Boulder Dam because the town they had to create was called Boulder. They had to make a town because so many men had come from all over the country to build the dam. It was during the Great Depression and the government offered $4 a day pay which was really good in those days.

They say that over 100 men lost their lives and I am with Sweeti on that one part...I am sure there are bodies buried underneath that dam deep in the cement.

Years later, the dam was renamed Hoover Dam for President Herbert Hoover who was instrumental in the dams concept, development and completion.

I only learned this because I went on the tour. It was $11 well spent. It was $11 of my dad's money, but nonetheless, well spent.

aprilmaranda said...

I never got the chance to do the underground tour. I'd give anything to be able to get down there. :(

Oh and it'll always be Boulder Dam to me.

Gina said...

My husband (Mr. Construction) has numerous videos on the Hoover Dam. A great afternoon for him would be BEER, some NASCAR, BEER and top it off with a video of the Dam. Not much he doesn't know about it. We stop every time we cross it. Under ORANGE alert, tours our closed.