Sunday, September 07, 2008

She's Chocolate, who couldn't love that.

Maddy Mae

Well last week little Maddy Mae got to go home to part of her family, sadly I missed her like crazy and my Emmy even more so...Maddy would sleep under the covers and Emmy on top side by side. They were pals and Emmy really missed her little buddy.
She spent 2 nights digging at our bed covers looking for Maddy and her days were looking out the windows for her to just reappear at any given time, between the whining and the "go get her" Mom expressions, I knew what we had to do.
Emmy Lou

Maddy is Little Faiths dog, While Faith is still in Boston trying to get her radiation treatments, struggling with one hurdle or another, poor girl. She still very much wanted little Maddy.
I needed to search for a little one to keep Emmy company and for her to have a travel buddy to play with. She in essence needed another non aggressive like Maddy. So I searched for a miniature Daschund to have for ourselves. I was looking for a long haired red solid, But I found a little smoothie, at 7lbs full grown, that was chocolate like I wanted and the best part she's out of the puppy stage at just a year old. She has the same sweet personality as Maddy does, Just a little more playful. We are her forever family. Emmy likes her and has already snuggled with her on my lap.

So Meet our little footlong Chocolate Mini Doxie,

Bubbles is her name now but I'd like to change it to Bee Bee or Bella.

***Update***I Think we settled on her name, "It's-a Bella" and Bella for short. She even comes to it surprisingly enough.

5 Left A Love Note :):

Hammer said...

Dachshunds have such great personalities. They are usually content to romp around the yard or just take a nap in someones lap.

Marianne said...

I LOVE HER!!! She is Bella Bella Bella!! She is 100% Bella.

Her coat is so shiney. What a lucky dog.

Did I mention my vote is for the name Bella?

Liliana said...

She's very cute, looks a little bit shy.

Cerulean Bill said...

My daughter's guinea pig (the surviving one) is named Chocolate. She saw it at the pet store and named it on the spot. On checkout, the clerk make some generic approving sound, and she said 'Thats Chocolate', to which the clerk said 'Well, I hope you enjoy him'. My daughter stared at him. "Chocolate's a girl!" Um, yeah, right.

Pacific College Mom said...

What little angels, you should be very proud of all the babies in your family these days.