Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Picket fences, love and new chapters

Yesterday I drove up to the old house we used to own prior to the 6 acre woods.
I swear I cried on a daily basis for having to leave that house to move to the sticks. It was like leaving a loved one behind.

The 6 acre woods were no picnic when we moved here either. There was crap and garbage all over the place. The Mr really only had his mind on the property and the big shop that came with it. To me it was awful for the longest time and a big muddy work horse that seemed never ending. Way more work than I ever thought could be manageable for us two.

I was a city girl, used to a 1/4 acre lot in a town that already felt country to me compared to Las Vegas.

I used to drive back there to the old house to recapture some of my fondest memories of the Mr and I's beginnings. It always gave me comfort to go back in time to our first years. I love him as much and more than I did back then.

I remember landscaping our yard and creating a place of pure Eden for him to come home to after a hard days work, Roses in the front yard smelling so sweet, dahlia's in front of the porch blooming flowers the size of small dinner plates all in cheery colors, a beautiful shade garden along the side of the house under the big firs, lilacs blooming with their sweet scent filling the air.

We were refinishing the interior and taking her back to a time that was appropriate for her grand old age, it was a labor of love. She was originally built in 1889.
Small with tall ceilings and an upstairs attic with steep small stairs, scared up wooden floors and a smallish kitchen that I'm sure was added on later. It also had a master bedroom as an addition, not in tune to the old part of the house but spacious and comfortable a little cool in the winter though.

The main part of the house had 4 rooms, all of which were very small. You could really tell she had charm in her younger years. I loved that house.
We haven't lived there for a many years now but seeing her always takes me back. The new owners used her as a rental and some disrespecting families lived there and thrashed her beyond recognition. It's vacant now and so I peeked in the door and the only thing I recognized in there was the shadow boxed ceiling the Mr and I so laboriously and lovingly restored. It was sad.

Out front and miraculously still standing was the small but meaningful little stretch of picket fence, See the Mr built it for me as a show of love and way to give me one of the things that in my youth I had always wanted. Since about the age of nine I always knew it was having a family, and babies, being married and having a house with red and white checkered curtains in the kitchen window and a white picket fence that would make my life complete.
He built that fence knowing that. I was never so happy as that moment of completion. I knew I was in the right place. I knew he loved me, and never have doubted it since...

Soon she'll be gone for good, a movie theater is scheduled to replace her, I think it will be sooner than later, she's looking pretty tired.

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Jeannie said...

How sad that such a fond memory will be replaced by a movie theatre - but then if it hasn't been cared for it would be a shame to see it disintegrate. I don't have such fond memories of Gary's and my first house. I've driven past it but there's not much to see anyway. Same with the house I grew up in although I'd love to see inside there. I had the joy of fixing up the house I'm in now, watch it deteriorate and now I get to fix it up all over again.

Anonymous said...

Helene posted this comment.
that's such a shame, such a beautiful home and obviously much more than a home to you. It's sad also when people destroy through neglect a place that you lovingly restored...

My parents home was like that they bought it just after my brother was born but when we started travelling the house was rented - people never took good care of the home, but now it's back to its beautiful state it was always supposed to be and so is the garden

John McElveen said...

Beautiful Post and sites- I'm so sorry for not being by sooner. I've cheated myself out of some good reads...but no more!!!!

Thanks Sweeti

I'll be back!