Friday, November 28, 2008

Want to be happier?

We had a very nice Thanksgiving, filled with family, No friends this year. Everything turned out perfect except my pecan pie for some reason didn't completely set up all the way.
I was just a little disappointed by not having more response to my I'm thankful for... cards placed on the table. I wanted to save them in a scrap book for years to come and bring it out each year for all to see and be able to look back on and remember. I think we all have so much to be thankful for in our lives.

I stumbled across an article that I thought was pretty fascinating about having gratitude and it's affect on the human spirit. If you click the title to this post you can read it.

I'm Thankful for...


*The Beautiful Granddaughter that was brought into our lives this year, also that she was born happy and healthy and that she has 2 wonderful parents that love her so much.

*The two grandsons that are different in every way but good hearted and good spirited. Also to their families for being tolerant of the pre teen antics and doing their best to help guide these young and worthy spirits in the right directions.

*the folks at Palm Harbor homes for their help in trying to get all this stuff figured out.

*Tom Stewart who is no longer my Doctor but was certainly more than helpful in getting me to the right people and figuring out how to treat my problems. I miss you.

*The drug called Meloxicam for giving my mobility back, reducing my pain and stiffness and helping me regain my participation in my own life again.

*for our kids, each and every one of them. They inspire such pride in the way they carry themselves and the ways they interact with others in caring and giving ways. They are not just good, but also good for something.

*Craigslist for all the great finds and nice people I've come across in the last year, I almost felt guilty for buying some of these items, but, the people assured me they were as happy to sell them to me as I was to get them. "One mans trash , another mans treasure."

*for Faith and her health, for the doctors that helped her reach this stage of "Cancer Free" and for the many prayers that helped get this all done. She is a blessing and has a purpose in life yet to complete. For her parents and family, We have reached a new level of appreciation in life due to their willingness to share Faiths story.

*Maddy who is no longer with us but for the joy she brought to so many lives in her almost 4 years of life. She was a beautiful spirit.

*My Mr., each and everyday for working so hard and being the man that I have always wanted. For his persistence, patience, good heart, and loving ways. I'm more than thankful, I'm most appreciative.

*our customers, that are like friends, and some like family. We truly are thankful for you.

*my blogger friends, for their compassion, wittiness, and caring spirits.

*The Good Lord that hears my prayers and shows us the beacon to light our path.

...and Itsa Bella my little 7 lb licker upper.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

30 years and 80 days

I went to see my Grand Daughter On Tuesday, ...Oops, I mean I took my youngest son AKA #2 son his Birthday present 1 day early so he'd have his Birthday dessert on his birthday. Which has been the same for as many years as I can count a pumpkin pie, homemade just for him. I remember a time when it wouldn't last the whole day. I'm sure he shares better now.
He was my last of my 3 to turn 30, Beings though I'm not aging past 39, soon they will be as old as me. lol.
We do have one more to turn 30, the Mr's son but not for 3 more years.

Now on this very evening Amalie was 79 almost 80 days old. She in her short little span of time has grown to 9 lbs., and 23 or something inches, She's getting the tall figure like her momma and daddy. She's got the most gorgeous eyes, they are big and going to be blue.

A prelude to a kiss

She is now able to giggle, smile, do air kisses and tell stories and tries to hold a conversation with you when you talk to her. She's got some of the best facial expressions, and reacts to familiar sounds of her peoples voices with excitement.
I held her, cuddled her, she napped on me, we did fish lips, then she told me how the west was won.
I studied her face as if to get my eyes full, She is such a blessing. Just the addition to our family that we needed. Although I'll always have room for more.

Hello Everyone

Those of you who know me, know we have been on pins and needles waiting for a home construction loan to go through. Well, on that front we still continue to wait. Good Lord, the anxiety is tremendous for me. It's hard to think of anything else right now, We are just trying to remain focused and make sure everyone has what they need, making follow up calls to make sure it's not in limbo somewhere. It's tough.

Pick me please...I'm a loyal listener.
Today I signed up for a radio show contest at our local radio station, Kex 1190 100,000 bailout give away, They are giving a bailout to the tax payer instead of banks and whatever other institution needs it. Good Idea. I listen to this talk show radio as often as I can anyway and always with my travels, I found that I lose reception just as I leave the Olympia,Wa area and usually right at a good part of the conversation. Damn, I hate that.

Anyways, we could certainly use that bailout right about now and I bet others could too. I'm entering everyday with my first cup of coffee, first thing in the morning. ***Wish me luck***

Do you know that a septic system permit alone with the "pre inspection" that's no longer referred to as a "PERC" test as I was informed by the inspector, and now called a site evaluation runs some where in the neighborhood of 1400-1500.00 by itself and I'm still not sure if the charge you for a final inspection. That's just to get approval, Then you pay close to 5000-6000.00 for the septic system itself.

...On a lighter note.
Does anyone remember that commercial where the guy is standing there with his family and telling how he lives in the perfect community and has a 4 bedroom house belongs to a golf club, drives a new car and is in debt up to his eyeballs? We're joining that club too, really soon...Hopefully it's not that bad.
I'm not endorsing, ...unless they will do a good Refi for us at a good percentage rate, But this is the video I'm talking about.
Isn't it funny things said in jest draw some close comparisons sometimes. I've talked with other friends about it and they just say welcome to the real world where the rest of us live.