Saturday, November 15, 2008

30 years and 80 days

I went to see my Grand Daughter On Tuesday, ...Oops, I mean I took my youngest son AKA #2 son his Birthday present 1 day early so he'd have his Birthday dessert on his birthday. Which has been the same for as many years as I can count a pumpkin pie, homemade just for him. I remember a time when it wouldn't last the whole day. I'm sure he shares better now.
He was my last of my 3 to turn 30, Beings though I'm not aging past 39, soon they will be as old as me. lol.
We do have one more to turn 30, the Mr's son but not for 3 more years.

Now on this very evening Amalie was 79 almost 80 days old. She in her short little span of time has grown to 9 lbs., and 23 or something inches, She's getting the tall figure like her momma and daddy. She's got the most gorgeous eyes, they are big and going to be blue.

A prelude to a kiss

She is now able to giggle, smile, do air kisses and tell stories and tries to hold a conversation with you when you talk to her. She's got some of the best facial expressions, and reacts to familiar sounds of her peoples voices with excitement.
I held her, cuddled her, she napped on me, we did fish lips, then she told me how the west was won.
I studied her face as if to get my eyes full, She is such a blessing. Just the addition to our family that we needed. Although I'll always have room for more.

4 Left A Love Note :):

Liliana said...

Oh she's lovely!!! congrats Sweeti =)

Marianne said...

She is beautiful.

Liliana said...

Hi sweeti, how is it going? every thing fine? 10-q for visiting my blog, i thought the new translator will work better, but not exactly, i even suggested the translation and thought they will used it, but no they didn't, i'll have to do it my self, ok? see you


Liliana said...

Sweeti i just read about Maddy!!! oh! how sad!!!....=(
how are you doing? everything fine?

see you